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First Impressions Review: 13x13 "Devil's Bargain"

Look at me, not taking days and days to get my review done! Hey, it's a small improvement. ;)

So SPN brings back the old "You are not gonna poke her with a stick!" bit....but for real this time...on Castiel. *g*
Honestly thought the skater gal was Danneel at first. :P
Man. Lucifer is so mean to that Cupid...and then kills him, brutally. :(
Ooops! I totally forgot Apocalypse World (AW) Kevin has an Angel Tablet. Been so darned long since we've been there.
Lucifer isn't doing so well without his full powers. He's cold and hungry.
Asmodeous sends Ketch out to kill Lucifer...yeah, 'cause that's so easy.

Yeah Dean, you and Sam should have known it wasn't Cas you were talking to on the phone!
OMG Danneel's playing an angel!!!! Anael. :D She's pretty darned smart, too, convincing Lucifer to just snack on her grace over time instead of sucking her dry and killing her.
Ah, the boys and Cas run into Ketch...who's on the same mission (sort of) that they are. He wants to work together to hunt down Lucifer to kill him. Uh, no. So they put him in the trunk of the Impala instead.
Ok, they turned Lucifer "snacking" on Sister Jo into this sort of sexual thing and it's kind weirding me out.
However, this scene on the bed between Jo and Lucifer is very nice.
Damn, Asmodeous found Donatello and put the whammy on him, telling him to report his findings on the Demon Tablet to him! Gah!

Hee! Lucifer reading the Bible and laughing at the inaccuracies and wondering if anyone Fact-Checked it. :P
It's a trap, boys!!! Yep, I knew it! No! He's hurting the boys!!!!! Stop it!
Ketch to the rescue!!!! How do you keep that guy locked up???
Sam: How did you get out of the trunk?
Ketch: I'm Ketch.

Ketch tries again to convince the guys that they should all work together and then he unloads the bombshell that he's working for Asmodeous. He says he can work for him and report to them. Hmmmm....
Lucifer & Jo meet up w/some angels and he talks about making more angels. What??? How can he do that??? He wants them to name him the ruler of Heaven and he'll give them back their wings, too. And they do it! We see the angels kneeling before Lucifer (w/Anael at his side) in Heaven! You idiots!!!
So Asmodeous has an Archangel killing blade. Ooooh! And only an Archangel can use it to kill another Archangel.
OMG Asmodeous has Gabriel!!!! He's alive!!!!

Final Thoughts:

First of all, Rob Benedict totally spoiled me for the surprise ending on Thursday night when I first got on Twitter. Gah! Thanks a lot, Rob!

Second, I liked this ep...ok, most of it was because Danneel was so great and she was in so much of the episode. *claps happily* Ok, now I totally want some Gen and Danneel panels at SPN cons! Let's get on this!

Ok, enough gushing...there were a few problems. Back in Season 9, Cas lost his Grace and ended up taking the Grace of another angel. It was a half-way fix. It helped, but he needed his own Grace to get back to full-power. Now we have Lucifer, an Archangel, who is also low on his Grace and taking Grace from common angels...and he's getting his power back? Doesn't he also need to get his OWN GRACE back? How is that gonna happen when it was used in AW to open the rift???

Since when do the boys have a Demon Bomb in the Impala's trunk and if it was there as Ketch says he found it, why didn't they take it themselves to face Lucifer???

Why do I think Lucifer claiming to be able to make angels is just a ploy to get his Grace back so he can rule over Heaven? Yeah, I'm not buying it. But I'm curious what he and Anael are really cooking up.

OMG Gabriel is back!!! Wonder where he's been. Asmodeous just got him, so was Gabe hiding out somewhere? Why is his mouth all sewn up? Gah! Poor Gabriel! So Asmodeous will use Gabriel to kill Lucifer with the Archangel Blade. Wonder how that will go??? I hope the boys find out and SAVE GABRIEL!!!!

Alright, I'll give this ep a B+ grade. Good, but not great or epic. Just a good, solid ep. :)
Looks like we're on hiatus for a couple of weeks (probably so it doesn't compete w/the Winter Olympics) until the show's return on March 1st! Yep, Jensen's birthday! :D


Lucifer: What? What are you gawking at? Haven't you ever seen the Prince of Darkness before, pal? Turn around.

Castiel: "It's a long shot at best."
Dean: "Yeah, well most of what we do are long shots. You get used to it."

Dean: Hey, there he is! Donny, how you doing?
Donatello: Ugh, the usual. Bewildered.

Donatello: Chicken wings. Heavy lifting like this requires real brain fuel. My analysis of the half-lives of the 33 arsenic isotopes required about, mm 25 buckets.

Lucifer: What no 'Eek!' No 'Spare me Dark Master?' No quaking fear?
Sister Jo: Should I quake?
Lucifer: I mean, yeah. Most people sort of do.

Sister Jo: We're not in Heaven. We're on Earth. You may have noticed, around here, good life ain't cheap. After the Fall, all the angels were a mess, desperate for 'housing.' Any vessel would do. And they had no long game. I, on the other hand, took some care. I listened. A woman was praying for her dying husband. So we made a trade -- his life for her vessel. She was grateful. I realized humans are so desperate for life, they'd do almost anything, pay almost anything. So ca-ching! I was a so-so angel, but turns out, I am an excellent businesswoman.

Ketch: "Do we really have to do all this again? Last time we were together, I saved your lives and you shot me. Doesn't that make us even?"

Dean: All right. I say we take dickbag here back to the Bunker, find out what he knows, and put a bullet in him, burn his bones, and flush the ashes.
Castiel: I like that plan.

Sister Jo: It's always so strange. That final moment when I've lost just enough grace that I'm almost --
Lucifer: Human?
Sister Jo: I feel emotions. Sensations. Things they must feel.
Lucifer: Yeah, I had that experience. I didn't like it. Hunger. Cold. Loneliness. I don't know how they keep going.
Sister Jo: I do. When I'm in that place, I can see how there'd be pain, but there's also hope. Love even. Angels can only imagine. Sometimes I envy humans. They can be anything.

Sister Jo: After the Fall, when we lost our wings, I wasn't devastated. I was liberated. I was finally free. But you must know how that feels.
Lucifer: No. No, I always wanted to fit in, please a father I couldn't please. And now I'm gonna be a father. Probably screw it up like He did.
Sister Jo: Lucifer the great and terrible.
Lucifer: I don't know why I said that. Stupid. I mean, it's like pretty soon, I'm not gonna feel anything, you know. I mean the more I do this, the stronger I get, the more me I become. Lucifer Prince of Darkness. King of Lies. I'm back, baby.

Cas (about Sister Jo): "In Heaven she was nothing. She was a low-level functionary."
Dean: "Yeah, well now she's Satan's gal pal. That's awesome."

Ketch: I know you think I'm a monster --
Dean: Because you are.
Ketch: But even I must draw the line somewhere. And letting Lucifer free upon the Earth? Well, as it turns out, that's my line. Not to mention the whole Michael situation. I know you want to kill me. I know you can't forgive me. But if you think about it, I'm the lesser of well, at least three evils. All I ask is that you wait to murder me until after I prove useful.

Lucifer: Hey, look, I was here when you, when all of you were born. I saw how the old man did it. I can make angels. Okay? And I'll do it, if...
Dumah: Enough games, Lucifer.
Lucifer: If for my incredible act of generosity, you name me the undisputed and unquestioned ruler of Heaven. Yeah? It's funny. Oh, come on. Let's face it. You don't wanna run the place. Angels were designed to follow, not lead. Don't give me the stink eye. That wasn't my idea. The point is, you need me. And icing on the cake, guys -- how'd you like your wings back?

Asmodeus: Beautiful isn't it? Oh, yes. The only known weapon capable of destroying an archangel -- the archangel blade.
Ketch: You'll forgive me, but my reading of the lore suggests that the [ Door creaks ] blade is only effective if wielded by an archangel.
Asmodeus: Oh, really? Thanks for the news flash. Allow me to make an introduction. Mr. Ketch... Meet the Archangel Gabriel.

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