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A new look

It's been a long time, but I've changed my LJ's layout completely. Gone is the custom background, coding, etc. And sadly, so is my pretty J2 header, but ah, well. I was able to rebuild the pretties in my sidebar, so at least there's that to enjoy. ;)

I would have changed my Mood Theme, but I've lost most of them thanks to the big PhotoBucket shake-up and I've done enough coding and changes for right now. I'll try to re-upload all the Mood Themes (or at least most) to SlickPic in the future and reintegrate them back into LJ. 

So why the change? 

Every now and then you've just got to change things up and explore new avenues. Plus, I like seeing how many hearts I get for each post. :D I couldn't see them at all with the custom layout I'd been using. 

I'll probably keep this Blue Fence layout for a bit and then change it for the summer to something lighter and brighter (I've already got one in mind). 


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