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Random Ramblings

  • Realized that I yet again missed posting the SPN Name That Cap Challenge on Friday. Gah! Sorry everyone. It's for sure a sign that this challenge needs to end when I keep forgetting about it week after week.

  • Went looking online for some of the old SPN Mood Themes and did find that a few are still around. Sad that none of them seem to go past Season 4 or 5. It's like everyone who used to make Mood Themes for the show just up and quit everything after Season 5. Does anyone make Mood Themes anymore???

    However, when I'll take the time to upload and install the Mood Themes is another matter entirely. Such a Major Pain to put in custom Mood Themes into LJ! I found 15 Mood Themes...not sure I'll actually use them all. Some are actually new to me.

  • Just realized that not only does SPN return this Thursday! but it'll be Jensen's 40th birthday as well and of course that's worthy of a Major Special Post. But what? That's the question. So not ready for both of these events this week. How did they sneak up so fast???

  • Since I can't really work on adding new locations over at spn_locations without using a ton of my precious internet data, I'm trying to get things going over on spnconcatalog instead. Specifically, I'm trying to find a way to transcribe con panel videos on youtube. I've found a site that works, but...only on the first 15 minutes of a video. *sigh* So that's basically half of a J2 Gold Panel. It would be helpful, even if it wouldn't be complete (or entirely accurate) but I figure when you're dealing with transcription any bit of help is useful. There's also a 2nd technique that I haven't tried yet, but probably will. Stay tuned.

  • I've saved a bunch of images from Instagram and I'm now making some icons from the SPN/J2 ones. Yes! Icons! Remember when we made icons in this fandom? I know, it's been a long time for me as well. Hopefully I haven't lost my touch!

  • Based on the poll I did on Friday, looks like most of you are all for me doing a Friending Meme. So okay then! I'll aim for posting one on Monday.

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