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Happy 40th Birthday Jensen!!!

What can you say about one of the most perfect male specimens on the planet?

Jensen is super talented (really, what can't he do?), super handsome, beautiful inside and out, kind, generous, caring, humble, funny, hard-working, dedicated to his craft, and a true blessing to everyone he meets. I've been lucky to meet Jensen numerous times thanks to the SPN conventions, so I thought I'd take a look back at my photos of him. I was going to post pics from all the cons, but I just ran out of time, so instead we'll look at a few photos from my first con - VanCon 2009 and my last - VanCon 2017.

Happy Birthday, Jensen, and thank you so much for touching my life, for making me truly starstruck by the gorgeous person you are when I see in person, and for being such an inspiration! ♥

I will say, when looking through my VanCon 2009 photos I'm so shocked how bad they are. LOL
There's hardly any good shots at all! Well, my camera was new and I was way back in row H and of course, totally new to this whole convention experience. So I did what I could with these few Jensen photos that I could salvage.

// Click to view the images at full-size. //
JA_VanCon2009_2468 JA_VanCon2009_2151 JA_VanCon2009_2377 JA_VanCon2009_2186 

Of course, looking through last year's con photos is so much easier. More photos and more photos that are actually in focus and have the proper exposure. Lessons learned! Jensen, is, as always, stunning. ;)

// Click to view the images at full-size. //
JA_VanCon2017_7627 JA_VanCon2017_7830 JA_VanCon2017_7868 JA_VanCon2017_8072 

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