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First Impressions Review: 13x14 "Good Intentions"

I'm late again. Sorry!

I've only seen the episode once and again, I'm not doing things the way I've done in the past (watching the ep and taking notes on just about everything). Instead, I'm just watching the ep all the way through and making simple observations. Hopefully, it's shorter and a more enjoyable read for everyone.

I totally enjoyed this episode, which is unusual because I haven't always liked this writer's scripts.

In the real world we have the boys and Cas working with Donatello to get the ingredients to a spell that will open a door to Apocalypse World (AW) so they can save Mary and Jack and stop Michael from invading and killing everyone. Then in AW we have Jack and Mary bonding, escaping Michael's prison, and meeting up with Alt!Bobby.

We meet Alt!Zachariah and like his real world counterpart, he likes doing mind games on people. Thankfully, Jack sees through his deceptions. We also get some nice Mary and Jack bonding time. :)

Is that a new jacket for Dean? Me likie! Dean asks Cas how he's doing and the angel is very concerned about Michael invading the earth. "War is what Michael does." Love the bit with the two of them going off to kill Gog and Magog & Dean trying not to laugh over their loincloths. :P The fight was done really well, too (as they've been all season). Love Dean fighting so well even with a broken angel blade. Of course, then they find out it was a trap set by Donatello so Dean and Cas would be killed.

So Donatello snaps (because he translated the Demon Tablet w/no soul) and knocks Sam out and ends up in the Bunker's dungeon. What the hell was that bit where he used magic on Dean??? I mean, I liked it 'cause Hello! hurt!Dean and comforting Sam is totally my thing! But since when does a prophet have that kind of power??? And he didn't even do a spell, which would make sense if he'd gotten it from the Demon Tablet. But he just does a thing with his hand and then Dean can't breathe. So I loved it, but I'm totally questioning the reasoning behind it. Does not compute!

We learn that Alt!Mary (who Bobby knew) didn't make the demon deal and Dean & Sam were never born, resulting in a demon vs angel war. She then makes the mistake of telling Alt!Bobby that Jack is a Nephilim and he orders them out of the camp. But the next morning the camp is attacked by Zachariah and other angels and despite Mary telling Jack to run off and hide, Jack returns to kill Zach and his goons. He tells Mary and Alt!Bobby that it was because Sam & Dean wouldn't run off, they would stay and fight and now he's going to have to kill Michael.

Interesting argument the boys and Cas have over what to do with Donatello. Cas is all for killing him since Donatello can't be fixed. A new prophet would appear and they can still get the spell from the tablet. Sam's totally against this idea - they just need the spell. So Cas reads Donatello's mind to get the spell, leaving the prophet brain dead. IMO it's kind of hypocritical of the boys to be against Cas's actions. How many times have they sacrificed or endangered one person for the greater good? Or saving one another instead of saving the world? Since Donatello couldn't be uncorrupted, I believe Cas did what he had to. Though I think he was right in believing that killing him would have been more merciful.

Cas also tells the boys that Asmodeous was using Donatello. Not that it matters because as far as we know, nothing ever came from it. What the hell was the point? Unless Asmodeous is going to use Donatello's empty shell for something, I'd say his character has run it's course. Sad.

Final Thoughts:

As I see it, the main theme of this episode is the influence Sam & Dean have had on people. Jack has learned to stay and fight, to not be deceived by evil, to do what has to be done to save people and his friends. Cas shows that he's learned to do "whatever it takes" to save the world, even if that means sacrificing someone (or their brain in this case) to do it. And of course, you can easily see the difference between our world and the AW due to Sam & Dean not being born there.

Overall, a good episode that I very much enjoyed. I'd give it an A- grade.
Ready for next week! :D


Sam: Don't you think you should, uh, take it a little easy on the nitrates?
Dean: Dude, if bacon's what kills me, then I win.

Alt!Zachariah (posing as Cas): "I wanted you to see the natural world before it was spoiled. Humans have good intentions, but they never truly appreciated the gift they were given. Left to their own devices, humans would destroy everything."

Donatello: Um, they're -- they're people. Kind of. Uh, sometimes referred to as brothers, other times lands. Uh, You know how Bibles are. Too damn many translations.
Castiel: Wait, Gog and -- and Magog I'd -- I'd heard rumors, but I didn't think they were human.

Jack: You said he was in your head? Well, he's in my head, too. And I saw everything. He's gonna bring an army to our world and just He wants me to open the door. But I won't. He can't make me. I-I don't care how much he hurts me.
Mary: He's not gonna hurt you, Jack. He's gonna hurt me. Why do you think he brought you here? So that we would meet, so we would talk. And then when he comes back, if you don't do what he wants, he's going to kill me.

Dean: Okay, Jack brought you back because we needed you back.
Castiel: Right. And how have I repaid him? I promised his mother that I would protect him, but now he's trapped in that place while Lucifer is here, who's - I mean, he's getting stronger and more powerful by the day. And if Michael really is coming, maybe I was brought back to help prepare.
Dean: Prepare for what?
Castiel: War. War is what Michael does.
Dean: Well, then we do what we do. Whatever it takes.

Gog: Which shall we kill first?
Magog: I will kill the pretty one.
Dean: It's like a furry diaper.
Castiel: Dean.
Gog: They are equally pretty.
Magog: The small one then. Enough you. Embrace your beautiful death!

Castiel: Dean, we have a problem. He isn't human. He appears to be a primitive beast formed of rock and sand.
Dean: That's a thing?
Castiel: Yeah. A very old thing. I thought they'd gone extinct during the flood.

Mary: You called me Mary Campbell. Do you know me?
Bobby: Well, knew you, the other you. She Well, hell, I thought you were a damn ghost. Turns out you're just from a whole other world, which is weirder when you think about it.

Sam: Was it the tablet that -- that did this to you or...
Donatello: It didn't do anything to me. I translated the tablet. All of it! I saw the power of God! And it's all up here. And you wanna take it from me.

Bobby: I don't mean to stare. Just You you look just like her. Give or take a year or two.
Mary: What was she like?
Bobby: Mary Campbell was a complicated woman. Brave, but sad. Full of regret.
Mary: Let me guess -- she made a bad demon deal?
Bobby: Opposite. She didn't make one. Lost the love of her life. Never moved on.
Mary: And Dean and Sam were never born. Bobby, I made that deal. And it -- I brought my boys a lot of pain. But What happened here, in your world? Sam and Dean stopped that war in mine.
Bobby: Then I'd say you made the right choice.

Bobby: Look, Mary, when this all started, when Lucifer and his demon army rose out of hell, we thought the angels were on our side. But one by one, they turned on us. He will, too. It's just a matter of time.

Castiel (to Donatello): "I'm sorry, but I'm not going to let you or anyone hurt the people I love. Not again."

Jack: I had to come back. Sam and Dean, they wouldn't run. They'd stay and fight. These angels, what they're doing, they're not gonna stop. As long as Michael's out there, this war will never be over.
Bobby: So what are you saying?
Jack: I have to kill him.

Castiel: Some people just can't be saved.
Dean: Yeah, but who gets to make that choice? You? What exactly gives you the right?
Castiel: Nothing. I took it. If I hadn't acted we would still be sitting around talking about what to do next, we would be wasting time. And it's time we don't have Dean. I told you, war is coming. War. And I did what soldiers do. Now we needed the spell to open the rift, and I got it. We need four major ingredients: The grace of an archangel. A fruit from a tree of life. The Seal of Solomon and the blood of a most holy man. We find those things, we can bring everybody home. And together we can beat Lucifer and Michael. this is the only way we win. This is the only way we survive. It's like you said Dean. Whatever it takes.

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