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Mini Status Report

With the SPN Name That Cap Challenge 5 coming to an end this week and show currently on another mini-hiatus, I find I'm suddenly without much to post to LJ.


So that's why I've been posting so many VanCon Jensen photos lately. That and I initially made them for my Jensen Birthday post and then didn't use them. :P So that's why they're all of Jensen. I can hear my Jared fangirls wondering, "What about Jared's photos?". I can fix some of those up, too. If you y'all want me to.

Anyway, I'm looking to get back to 1 cap series: SPN Beginnings & Endings and SPN Perfectly Timed Credits.
I have a bunch of Season 6 caps made for Beginnings & Endings, but only the first 14 episodes, and I'd like to have a few more done before I start posting. As for the Perfectly Timed Credits, I only have the first 4 eps capped. Yikes. So I need to buckle down and just dedicate some time to capping Seasons 6 & 7 for these 2 series. That way I'll have more to post. ;)

I'm also working on Sorting/Deleting my 13x13 Highlight Caps.
Still need to Highlight Cap 13x14 & 13x15.
Yeah, thank goodness for this hiatus. I might actually be able to catch up! :P

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