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So much SPN Goodness!

Goodness, what a gift the past couple of days have been for the SPN Family!

Jensen on Jimmy Kimmel and then Jensen, Jared, Misha, & Alex all appearing at PaleyFest today. I know it's been keeping me busy! If I don't get carpel tunnel from this it'll be a miracle! :P

+ Finally got a Hi-Res video of Jensen on JK for capping.
+ Capped the PaleyFest panel as I watched it live on FB. They're not the best, but I did post a couple on Twitter (see below).
+ I'm hoping someone will post a proper, Hi-Res video of the PaleyFest panel, but I know there's no guarantee. So I'm hesitant to continue preparing the caps I've got, since they're not the greatest quality. Why do all that work when I could be capping something better. So we'll give it a day or so, alright?

Btw, the panel was funny and totally enjoyable! Like it would be anything less?
Warning! Rare Rant: I will say one thing...WTH is with Andrew Dabb? Every time we see him he's in that same jeans, t-shirt, over-shirt outfit. I mean, for the guy who is the showrunner you'd think he'd make the effort to dress up a little for this function like everyone else w/SPN did. Sure, nobody was in anything formal like a suit, but c'mon dude!

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