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Video & Caps : J2 BTS Of "Scoobynatural"

I've capped a couple of the "Scoobynatural" videos from youtube. Still waiting for that big featurette, but I fear most of us won't see that until the DVD release. *sigh*

Jensen & Jared give us a tiny sneak peek of the BTS footage of recording the voices for the episode. Jensen being Velma. LOL! Btw, why couldn't the camera person get both the guys in focus??? Grrrr!

:: Cap Size: 1080x607 :: Cap Total: 120 :: Sample Caps: 23
:: No hotlinking, please! :: Credit me, raloria when taking/using/re-posting :: Comments are LOVE! ♥

View all the caps on SlickPic HERE.
Download a zipped folder of all 120 Caps: J2 BTS Of ScoobyNatural Caps by Raloria.zip - 37 MB

// Click to see caps full-sized //

SPN_BTS13x16Caps_0003 SPN_BTS13x16Caps_0009 SPN_BTS13x16Caps_0019 SPN_BTS13x16Caps_0023 SPN_BTS13x16Caps_0028 SPN_BTS13x16Caps_0032 SPN_BTS13x16Caps_0035 SPN_BTS13x16Caps_0043 SPN_BTS13x16Caps_0047 SPN_BTS13x16Caps_0054 SPN_BTS13x16Caps_0057 SPN_BTS13x16Caps_0062 SPN_BTS13x16Caps_0068 SPN_BTS13x16Caps_0070 SPN_BTS13x16Caps_0075 SPN_BTS13x16Caps_0081 SPN_BTS13x16Caps_0090 SPN_BTS13x16Caps_0093 SPN_BTS13x16Caps_0098 SPN_BTS13x16Caps_0103 SPN_BTS13x16Caps_0107 SPN_BTS13x16Caps_0109 SPN_BTS13x16Caps_0114 

Tags: actors: jared padalecki, actors: jensen ackles, goodies, picspam, supernatural, video, youtube
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