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First Impressions Review: 13x17 "The Thing"

Late again. My apologies. It's been a rough weekend for me.

Dean sticking post-its on Sam's back, even though he'll be the only one that sees them (unless Cas was going to pop in, which he doesn't). So silly and so very Dean. *loves* But I do wish we'd see Sam prank Dean once in a while, too. Just to keep the playing field even. ;) Oh! And Dean saying "Jinkies!" was a fun little bit, too. Keeping that Scooby-Do vibe alive!

So there's the Bunker library in the main room and there's the Archives. Are all of Bobby's books in there? And the stuff from that storage area Samuel Campbell kept? I would hope so. Dean's sarcastic, "I love books!". LOL Btw, if all the MOL are dead who on earth is keeping these places, like the Chapter Houses, supplied with electricity? Are they somehow self-sustaining? Are the descendents of the MOL members paying the bills? Oh, and who left all those books and papers in the hallway? And why have an entrance that's so hard to get in and out of? And where'd they get the flannel shirt to have Sandy wear? Yes, these are the the little tidbits my brain ponders over. :P

What is with Asmodeous injecting himself with Archangel grace from Gabriel??? I mean, he's a demon, a Prince Of Hell. You would think angel grace would be a bad thing for him, wouldn't you? Is it giving him more power? Is it a way for him to find Jack, maybe?

Another great fight scene with Dean in the diner, and a long one, too! Phew! Bet that was another full day for Jensen. Okay, I get the MOL dudes cutting the power to the Diner, but why don't the cells phones work? They have that kind of power to take down cell towers???

"They took my brother, I'm gonna get him back." I do love protective, motivated Dean! ♥
However, Dean's so busy making what, explosives? in the kitchen - that he never gets to use - and meanwhile he's not keeping an eye on the people in the Diner, or on Sandy!

Ah, Dean chained to an alter...how many times has this happened in fanfic? *g*
Yokoth: "I like you, Dean. You're strong, and I enjoy looking at your face." Join the club, sister! *g*

I'm starting to think Ketch has finally turned good. *hopes* Maybe dying and being resurrected really did change him for the better? He gets fed up with Asmodeous, takes Gabriel and the Archangel Blade, and brings them both to the boys, knowing it's the final ingredient they need for the spell. But why is Gabriel so timid and spooked? And he doesn't even say anything once Sam's cuts the stitches from his mouth. I'm dying to know what happened to him!

Dean's all ready to do the spell and get to Apocalypse World to save Mary & Jack, but I'm with Sam. Not sure diving in is the best course of action here. Especially with Gabriel suddenly turning up like this. But Dean's determined to do this...and alone, leaving Sam behind (under protest) in case something goes wrong. And I get that Sam's upset, but this is a good strategy. Normally, yes, it'd be best if the brothers stayed together, but Dean's right. If something happens to him, he'll need Sam on this side of the rift. Btw, how do they know they'll end up in Apocalypse World? 'Cause apparently there's no way to determine which universe you're opening a rift to? Or maybe that's where that element of something that's been there comes into the spell? And they only have 24 hours before the rift closes. Yikes!

Final Thoughts:

I did enjoy this episode, despite all my questions. Heh. I mean, I have even more questions than I've mentioned in this review. Scary. But this episode is obviously setting us up for bigger things to come, so the questions are to be expected...especially at this point in the season.

Great work on the tentacles by the Visual Effect Dept.
Usual, great acting from the cast...though the gal who played the waitress, Joanne, seemed a little over the top and I found her annoying. Minor quibble.

I'm giving this ep a solid B+.
Can't wait for the next episode!!!


Dean: Jinkies.
Sam: You're gonna stop saying that eventually, right?
Dean: I don't know. Probably not.

Dean: Sandy, I know it's a lot to take in, okay? But... Well, look, this is -- this what a car looks like now. Well, they should.
Sam: This...this is a phone and a camera and...everything else. Welcome to the future.

Sandy: How am I still alive?
Sam: We don't really know yet.
Sandy: And how are you so calm about the fact that I'm still alive?
Dean: This kind of weird. It's sort of our thing.

Ketch: Ingredients? Such as?
Asmodeus: Well, if they got the spell from the Demon Tablet, which they did -- some blood, few other things, and a whole mess of archangel grace.
Ketch: And here you are, pumping it into your veins.
Asmodeus: Everyone needs a little pick me up from time to time.

Waitress: Lobster roll, no bun, and kale salad for you, String Bean.
Dean: Kale's a garnish.
Sam: It's healthy. I'm watching my cholesterol, like you should be.
Dean: Yeah, I'm watching my cholesterol. Watching it go up.

Dean: What's your name?
Yokoth: Yokoth. Star of Madness. Ravager of Galaxies. Mother of Faceless Hordes.
Dean: Cool.

Yokoth: It was supposed to be us. Glythur and I, together. But my love...They shut the rift before he could make it through.
Dean: Oh, my god. That's tragic. It's like a Hallmark movie - but with tentacles.

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