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First Impressions Review: 13x20 "Unfinished Business"

Okay, I've only watched the episode one time and late. Let's see how this goes.

First of all - THANK YOU Richard for all the beautiful Close-ups in this ep! Gorgeous! :D

Second, congrats to Meredith Glynn for a good episode. I've been kinda back and forth on her episodes since joining the show, but this one felt very good! Bravo!

Great to see Gabriel back on the show being nearly his usual smartass self. And who knew he could fight so well! That opening alley fight was very cool! Oh! And I've never seen any of the Kill Bill films (sad face) but I did recognize the nods to the Tarantino films. The music, the wooden samurai swords, the cool slo-mo shots. Very cool! Oh, and that gunfight in the darkened hall. Wow!

Anyway, Gabriel....I knew he'd eventually come on board and help the boys. After all, he's always liked them, they have a long history, and well, after Loki taunts him and calls him a coward - how can he not? Plus, it seems like a lot of characters this season are seeking redemption, so I'd group Gabriel right along with them. Glad we finally got the backstory on how Gabriel became Loki and then ended up in Asmodeous's clutches for years. One thing that still sort of bugs me though...Chuck said Gabriel couldn't be brought back in Season 11 because it would take more time to put him back together than they had. But, if Gabriel was still alive, wouldn't Chuck have known that? Him being God and all-seeing and all-knowing like he's supposed to be? Or - did he know Gabriel was captured by Asmodeous and simply knew he couldn't do anything about it at that time? Hmmm....

I don't quite understand Dean's reluctance to help Gabriel get his revenge. He points out that it doesn't work and they know from experience - but he also keeps complaining that it's all a waste of time. Like you've got something else to do, Dean??? I get Sam wanting to help due to his experience with Lucifer and I do hope Sam will get his revenge by killing him by the end of the season. Of course, I've also gotta wonder if we're headed towards another Lucifer/Gabriel showdown - hopefully with a different ending. However, I can't see Gabriel killing his brother. He couldn't do that in Season 5. So, yes - hopefully the kill will belong to Sam.

So we've lost our other Kevin Tran. *sigh*
Btw, I thought Osric really sold AU!Kevin's fear and anxiety. Poor guy, he wanted to do the right thing, but he'd just been used and tortured by AU!Michael for too long.
So cool that we saw Jack's wings as he protected Mary with them against Kevin's bomb. I'm glad that Mary was the voice of reason with Jack wanting to attack Michael.

As for that last scene with the boys - so sad and beautiful!
Dean being his usual self and thinking his life doesn't matter and all he cares about is saving Sam. Sam staying determined that they're in this together and if they die they'll die together, too. *cue crying* I love my boys!!! Yes, they're screwed up and totally dependent, but I don't care! This is what this show is about, what it's always been about. How many times has Dean put his life on the line to save Sam? Said it doesn't matter if he dies or not? And Sam's always the one wanting to make things work, who sees the light at the end of the tunnel when Dean doesn't. With Sam's final line in this ep, I thought back to the one he had in Season 3's "The Magnificent Seven": "Look, if we're going down, we're going down together, all right?" And I think Dean's little smirk when Sam leaves the room kinda points to this...like, "Yeah, some things never change." Of course, this has me a little worried what's going to happen in the season finale. Eep.

Final Thoughts:

Great acting and directing from Richard Speight Jr., great acting from the boys as always.
I'm giving this episode a solid A-.
Only 3 episodes left! OMG!


Gabriel: Come on. I felt your witch's tracking spell the minute she laid it on me. Tasted like haggis.

Gabriel: Yeah, so anyway, um. I don't suppose you guys have any of my grace laying around, right? Because, um, the tanks a little low.
Sam: Did you drain it killing Asmodeus?
Gabriel: And ditching you. It'll recharge, eventually. But until then...

Sam: You trying to tell us you came here for R & R?
Dean: Yeah, this isn't exactly the Riviera.

Kevin: I never used to believe in anything. Well, scratch that -- science, quantum mechanical unpredictability. But then the end of the world happened, and everyone around me, my friends and my -- my Mom they all started to die. But, God chose me. What does that even mean! Michael said he wanted to save the world. Not kill it. But, he's hurt so many people. When I couldn't perfect the spell, Michael, he got mad and threw me in the dungeon. I was so scared, but I fixed it. I couldn't do it anymore.

Dean: Well, we just broke into a junkyard and stuck the body of a demigod into a car crusher, so I think you owe us some answers.
Gabriel: Okay, they're not really demigods. Look, the whole Norse pantheon is it's own weird thing. Think of 'em more like, god-begotten monsters.

Gabriel: After Lucifer quotation marks killed me. I needed to lay low, luckily I used to hang out with a really resourceful crew and found myself a top shelf hideaway.
Dean: I thought this story had porn stars.
Gabriel: Ah, good catch my bad. I had it made. All the booze I could drink, all the entertainment I could handle...

Gabriel: So this is how it ended... By the time I came to they sold me to Asmodeus.
Sam: Why would they do that?
Gabriel: Hello? Lucifer. In case you don't remember there was an Apocalypse brewing at the time.

Gabriel: "Selling me to that Kentucky-fried b-hole? For them, that was all profit."

Dean: Hold on. I thought Loki was you?
Gabriel: It's trippy, I know. Look, remember when I told you I went into witness protection? Who do you think put me there?

Gabriel: A few thousand epochs ago I was out for a hike in the fjords, came across Loki bound in a cave, snake dripping venom into his eye. Apparently had some spat with his pops. Anywho I freed him, saved his life. Then my brothers started going at it. I wanted out. Loki owed me one, so he helped me ditch Gabriel and become him.

Gabriel: Everyday! Asmodeus tortured me. Every day! He fed off my grace for years! He used me, he debased me until I was -- What I went through, you don't forgive. Everyone who had a hand it will die. Get me?
Sam: Yeah, we do.

Dean: Okay, I think I know what this is.
Sam: Okay what is this.
Dean: You. You're so hopped up on this Kill Bill fantasy of his.

Dean: Okay, you went through it. We get it, all right? But killing Loki, not gonna change any of that. It's not. In fact, probably not gonna make you feel better.
Gabriel: Well, agree to disagree, Dean-o. We all have our demons, mine are here in this town.

Dean: Not like I care about killing gods, okay. But this whole revenge kick, it's a waste of time.
Sam: What if it's not?
Dean: You've seen it, Same. With me, with Dad, revenge only ends one way. Ugly.

Dean: All right Uma, what's the plan?
Gabriel: Well, Sleipnir is a lot of things. But mainly he is a coward. I will bet all the personal lubricant in the SFV that after we killed Narfi that he ran straight back to papa's skirt.

Mary: "I learned the hard way that thinking you can win all the time, running in blind into every fight, that's how you make mistakes."

Jack: It's my fault, I said I'd protect them.
Mary: We can prepare, and we can fight. But sometimes things happen we never see coming.
Jack: If I can't keep them safe, then what's the point?

Loki: "You're a joke. You're a failure. You live for pleasure, you stand for nothing, and in the end, that's exactly what you'll die for."

Gabriel: A deal is a deal. And if I'm being perfectly honest, tricks are for kids.

Dean: You remember what happened the last time we had front row tickets to the Lucifer/Michael show? Because I do. You died, and went to Hell. But see this time the Apocalypse isn't looking for us, we're actually looking for it. I don't care what happens to me. I never really have. But I do care what happens to my brother.
Sam: Dean. We're going to that place, and we're going to save Jack and Mom, together. And if something happens we will deal with it, together. And if we die, we'll do that together too.
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