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First Impressions Review: 13x21 "Beat The Devil"

Ok, I've only watched the episode once so...here we go.

Might've known that opening scene was too wonderful and perfect to be true. The Fam all around the Bunker's table, eating pizza. Of course, it's a dream and as we discover, it's Sam's. But for sure, Dean could eat a whole pizza. *g*

And we're right into doing the spell to go to ApocoWorld, but there's a setback: Gabe doesn't have enough grace to supply for the rift to stay open more than a few seconds. Cas suggests their only other option: Lucifer. So while he and the boys are discussing it out we get a very weird (albeit still funny) scene with Gabriel and Rowena being awkward, then flirting (complete with hearing their thoughts!), and then going at it behind some bookshelves by the time the 3 Amigos reappear. Now I was laughing during all of this, but part of it was because it was so crazy and unexpected. I mean, WTH??? Gabe & Rowena??? But the kicker was when the guys catch them and Dean and Sam are all mouths-agape in shock and Cas is just looking at the floor and wishing he could disappear. LOL

Sam's plan to get Lucifer was pretty cool. I'd say the best part was seeing Lucifer's shocked face at suddenly being confronted with two beings he thought he'd killed! It was kinda priceless. Plus, they put something in his drink which was brilliant and just when you think Gabe is gonna just take his grace, he simply knocks big bro out to take him to the Bunker. The plan is to drain Lucy dry to keep the rift open longer than 24 hours. Awesome! Rowena stays behind to babysit.

Then we get a really awkward bit with the boys all tumbling down a hill in ApocoWorld and Gabe somehow winds up with his face in Cas's crotch. Really, show? For a second it took me back to that famous shot in "Romancing The Stone", which yeah was funny. This? This was just super awkward and unneeded.

We get some nice dialog between Cas and Gabe where he explains how few angels there are back home and Dean and Sam where Dean points out how different little bro is now and Sam admits he feels better knowing they're here and so close to finding Mary & Jack. So I'm thinking...something tragic is about to happen!!!!

And it does, but first they save a couple of people from an ApocoWorld vamp, which is very rabid and different from the kind the boys are used to. Time to head into a tunnel, since going over the mountain pass would take too long. Of course, Dean takes the lead and Sam brings up the rear. Really like how this was all filmed, close shots, no music, just the creepiness of those dark tunnels. But soon there's a wide spot and a blocked tunnel. Love how Dean just sends the 2 angels to clear the rocks away. Of course, the vamps attack and yeah...the 2 humans they found are pretty useless in a fight. I mean, the dude had a friggin' baseball bat! He gets killed and so does Sam! OMG Dean fighting a vamp and watching as Sam's jugular is bitten, the blood spurting out his neck, Sammy!!!! Sam calling for him...OMG Boys!!!!! But Sam is dragged down the tunnel. Cas chases after them, but when Dean finally gets there Cas is coming back and saying they don't have time. No, Cas! It's SAM! And Dean's all...I HAVE TO GO AFTER MY BROTHER! But Cas stops him and of course Dean's gonna listen because the mission comes first, right? *tears*

Okay, I forgot to mention what's happening with Rowena and Lucifer here. This is another part of the ep that bugs me. I mean Rowena could have easily silenced Lucifer. It's a basic bit that we've seen lots of beings do over the years. You're telling me Rowena couldn't have silenced Lucifer? Found some Duct Tape to shut him up? No...because we had to get Lucifer to ApocoWorld, of course. So he finally gets angry when Rowena tells him that Jack is in the other world and about to be reunited with his 3 fathers. That allows Lucifer to break free and thankfully he doesn't get a chance to kill Rowena. She pushes him through the rift instead. Then, instead of taking off like she would have done in the past, Rowena stops and stays to try to figure out a way to keep the rift open for our heroes.

Back to the group and Dean's all broken-but-I've-got-a-job-to-do and they come across some sigils that are effecting Cas. Why not Gabe? Is it because he's an archangel? Because he's super low on grace? Anyway, Gabe burns the sigils away just in time for guards to appear and then Mary. Then there's the super heartbreaking moment of Dean reuniting with his mom and then succumbing to tears when she asks, "Where's Sam?". Oh, Dean! He can't even explain, he just lets the tears fall. *passes out tissues*

We see poor Sam, dead in some other part of the tunnels and he's kinda beautiful. And bravo for Jared. He didn't move at all! But then....he's alive!!!! Yep, it's Lucifer. He came through the rift, ate some of Michael's angels for power, then saved Sam's life. And he's now got a whole bunch of ravenous vamps held back in the tunnel, just waiting to eat Sam. The deal? Lucifer wants Sam to take him to Jack. So there's really no choice here.

Back at camp, Jack is very upset about Sam's death and wondering why Cas and Gabe didn't save him. Dean's already heading back out to get his brother's body when alarms go off and....Sam walks into camp! Soon followed by Lucifer who sees his son for the first time.

Final Thoughts:

Despite some little quibbles, I did enjoy this episode. The humor at the beginning was...kinda weird though. To be honest, I'm not sure we really needed it. But once it really got going, the episode totally worked. Group on a mission, creepy surroundings, and grave danger. J2 killed it with all the brotherly moments and worry and love for each other. ♥

So Lucifer meets Jack at last. Bet this isn't going to go well. Since the gang is all together, except Rowena back home, it's time to fight Michael and his angel squad. Will we meet up with Charlie again? Can't wait to see what happens next!

I'm giving this ep a B+. Would've been an A, except for the weird and awkward humorous stuff. Maybe it'll grow on me with repeated viewings?


Gabriel: You think they'll be much longer?
Rowena: The Three Amigos with their bro hugs, pep talks and melodrama? Count on it.

Lucifer: Oh hey Sam. Oh look at this, all the people I love to torture in the same room. What's the occasion, guys? Oh, okay, I see what's going on. Your planning a trip to save mother Mary and need my grace, is that about it?
Castiel: Good guess.
Lucifer: Okay you could have done this back at the bar. Could have drained me. Killed me. What's this really about? Humiliation? Revenge?
Sam: Those are just bonuses. See, we got a lot of work to do back at Apocalypse World but not a lot of time to do it. So I realized something. I realized we could use you, use you not to just crack the door open, but to keep it open. So we're gonna drain you and we're gonna keep on draining you.
Dean: Like a stuck pig.
Gabriel: Grace on tap, sorry bro.
Sam: And then when we get back. Then we'll kill you.

Gabriel: I skipped out on Heaven, Castiel. They wouldn't want me back, as far as they're concerned I'm a screw up. Hell, as far as I'm concerned I'm a screw up.
Castiel: Well, Heaven's been run into the ground by upstanding angels. Perhaps a screw-up is just what we need.

Dean: You seem different since we got here.
Sam: Really?
Dean: Yeah, like you're lighter, happier, more energetic.
Sam: I don't know. Maybe it's just, you know, Mom and Jack -- you know I mean, we've been working at so hard for this for so long, and now we're finally here. We're so close, can't you feel it?

Dean: Tell me what makes a blood sucker look like that?
Floyd: Starvation. When Michael's armies started to wipe out the humans, they didn't think about monsters and what happened to them when their food source dried up. Turns out not eating makes them wild. Nothing but pure, stupid appetite.

Lucifer: Come on, red. I'm just trying to have a good time with you. Like last time. Remember that? When I surprised you at your hotel room? I even wanted you to put up a fight, I wanted a little bit of a tussle. But you froze. You choked. So I choked ya. What was that like burning to death? You know I can't get that smell out of my nose, that, ashy reek of burnt up ginger ass.
Rowena: Shut your mouth! You want to get inside my head, twist the knife? Two can play that game. Do you know what your grace is making possible right now? The heartfelt family reunion of Sam, Dean, Cas, Mary and your very own son, Jack. That's right. Your wee boy is over there. And he'll be so glad to see his three fathers. Because as far as he is concerned, they are his father, and you -- you're nothing to him or me. Or anyone now. Nothing.

Rowena: Fine. This sin't how you wanted things to workout. But, yes, Rowena thanks to you Sam and Dean will be trapped in some sort of nightmare universe with the Devil himself, and your the only person who might be able to devise a way to keep the door back home open for them. But... sorry boys. Au revoir. Bon voyage. Not my problem. Bollocks!

Sam: But we drained you.
Lucifer: So, how did I have the juice to pull off my little Lazarus trick? Ah, that's a long story. But, I was basically tracking you here, then I came across a handful of Michael's angels and I... ate them. I guess it's not really a long story is it?

Sam: What do you want?
Lucifer: what do I want? I want what everyone wants. I want a personal apology from Pop. I want rerun free year round episodes of Drag Race.

Lucifer: I want what you already have, a relationship with my son. Okay, there was a time that I would just grab him. But, I've grown.
Sam: I'm sure you have.
Lucifer: I have Samuel. I want my son. And you're gonna help me.

Lucifer: Look Sammy, I'm not asking you to like it, or to like me. All I'm asking is you acknowledge the truth, that I was the one that brought you back to life, that I was the one that lifted you from the darkness to the light. Apocalypse World, Michael's army, you really think you and your family can handle that stuff alone? You need me.

Lucifer: Hello, son.

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