raloria - Screencapping Goddess (raloria) wrote,
raloria - Screencapping Goddess

Just 'Cause

This cap is from 13x01 "Lost And Found"
Click to see the full-sized cap.

Where it all began at the beginning of the season...and how will it end tonight?

  • Thanks to a Tweet by SuperWiki yesterday morning, my Storify posts now have a new home: on Wakelet. It's very similar to Storify and importing all the posts couldn't have been simpler. So if you'd like to check out the old posts (and the new ones I'll be making) go HERE.
  • SPN Perfectly Timed Credits: 7x19
  • There's a new post up over at hurtwinchesters.
Happy SPN Thursday everyone! OMG I can't wait to see what happens!!! *hugs*

Tags: just cause, random cap, supernatural
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