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Thanks to supernutjapan for the heads-up on this.

Photobucket is under new management and w/a new CEO!!!! Begone you greedy bastard who raised the price to $400 a year to maintain 3rd party hosting! Saner heads are now in charge!

They've restored all the previously blocked images. I checked and all my old images are indeed viewable again.
No more of this ugly thing!

"For a limited time, we are offering a new, competitive subscription package that includes ad-free storage and 3rd party image hosting for just $1.99 per month, or $19.99 per year - which is 95 percent less than the previous pricing model. A free subscription option will still be available to customers who do not require 3rd party image hosting."

Now that's a price that's far more reasonable, but I'll wait and see what other price packages they will offer before I make a decision.

Here's a couple of links with more info.:
Denver Business Journal: Photobucket drops pricing that angered millions (and new CEO hopes to unbreak the internet)
Welcome To The New Photobucket!

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