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First Impressions Review: 13x23 "Let The Good Times Roll"

Late again...blah, blah, blah.

First of all, I wish we knew how much time has gone by 'cause it's kinda hard to tell. Seems like the refugees from Apocalypse World (AW) have kind of settled in (at the Bunker???) - but yet we have Sam giving them the lowdown on what's been happening in our world. And at first I was wondering why they weren't gearing up to go back and fight Michael....then I remembered they no longer had an archangel to use for opening a rift.

Not really sure what that little werewolf hunt was about. Training for Jack? To see how the kid could help on a hunt? It felt a little out of place in the grand scheme of things.

Nice scene between Jack & Dean about bad dreams and guilt over people they couldn't save. Who would've imagined they'd be this close at the beginning of the season? Dean now calling Jack family. *loves*

Oh, Jack...rushing off without more info. is not a good idea! Poor Nate. And how did the boys & Cas get there so darned fast? And then it takes them a while to get back to the Bunker??? Did they take the scenic route back? Oh and Michael showing up and exploding the gas station? Uh...Dean was totally running out of there, but Sam and Cas were just walking! WTH? And then the holy fire? Uh...why would it burn in a line like that unless Dean poured it out there earlier and why wasn't Michael just able to walk around it??? *sigh*

Yeah, Jack....I've been there - self-punishment can be brutal. :(

Michael breaks into the Bunker. Hell everyone can get in nowadays! Is that place protected at all anymore???
Granted, he's an archangel, but still....why so easy?
And the boys shooting at him, well, to quote Dean from a past episode "You don’t poke a bear with BB gun." Really unprepared here. Strangling Dean!!!! :( Sam sends out a prayer to Jack...and it works! Even Lucifer was surprised when Jack attacks Michael with such effectiveness. Whoah. And then Jack finally learns the truth about his dad - he killed Maggie and lied to Jack pretty much this whole time. Lucifer retaliates by stealing Jack's grace and taking off w/him, Sam in tow. Uh, oh...

So Sam & Jack are getting their butts kicked by Lucifer in some far off church and Dean decides after 8 or so years to say yes to Michael. Yep! We all saw it coming thanks to the spoilers. Glad they finally made this come true after so many years. And I get Cas trying to argue against it, but there was no time and no other solutions. Back with Lucifer, we get a beautiful moment when Sam gives the blade to Jack, asking to kill him, but of course Jack refuses and presses the weapon to his own gut, saying he loves Sam, loves them all.

Angel!Dean really knows how to make an entrance! Whoo-hoo!!!!! Beautiful! \0/
Now I'm cool with this Dean vs. Lucifer fight at first, but when they went up in the air...it got a little silly. The wire work was a little obvious IMO. As long as they stayed on the ground and just tossed one another into far walls it looked good.

LUCIFER IS DEAD!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!
Finally! A tiny bit disappointed that Sam didn't actually do the stabbing, but assisting Dean is a close second. The boys working as a team is always a good thing in my book. :)
Btw, I've heard on Twitter that the reason Sam didn't do the killing is because Jared has a knee injuring from skiing and was kind of sidelined from the big, heavy action stuff here near the end of the season.
And of course, Michael takes over, reneging on the deal. Brilliant work by Jensen in switching from Dean to Michael so smoothly. I'm looking forward to seeing what Jensen does in his portrayal of Michael next season. Hopefully Michael!Dean sticks around longer than demon!Dean did. I'd like around 5 to 7 episodes. Then I think I'll definitely be ready for my Winchester brothers to be reunited! It'll be interesting to see how they undo this possession and how it will effect Dean afterwards.

Final Thoughts:

Despite a few complaints, I did enjoy this season finale overall. Lucifer is dead, everyone else is still alive, and well....we've still got a big bad to deal with wearing Dean's meatsuit.

I'm all for Mary/Bobby! I like them together. :)

That sweet little scene of Dean imagining what retired life would be like for him, Sam, & Cas. Oh, boys...I want a happy ending for them, but I feel it's just not in the cards. But it is nice to see Dean thinking this way again instead of assuming he'll die a hunter's death. Of course, if someone's planning on a happy ending, that means something awful is going to happen...

It's a little funny how people keep questioning how Lucifer & Michael got to our world and they just keep blowing it off as not important. Except it is a very good question! How on earth did they get all the ingredients that took the boys such a long time to get? They had access to a "most holy man"? A Seal of Solomon? Fruit from the Tree of Life? C'mon! Not buying it. It's as if they knew the fans would be asking that question and decided, nope! We're not gonna tell you. Might as well accept it! Grrrrr.

I'll give this ep an A- grade. And overall, I'm pretty pleased by this season. It was certainly a step above the disaster that was season 12. Looking forward to what Season 14 has in store!
Happy Summer Hiatus!


Sam: The ice caps are melting. People marching. A little bit of, uh, craziness in the movie world. Businessman billionaire mogul turned President, embroiled in yet another controversy. And that is pretty much the world -- uh, our world -- right now.
Bobby: Let me get this right -- the ice caps are melting, a movie where a girl goes all the way with a fish wins Best Picture, and that damn fool idjit from The Apprentice, is President.
Sam: Yeah.
Bobby: And you call where we come from 'Apocalypse World'.

Castiel: I can hear three. Wait, maybe -- maybe four. They're talking about whether Kylie Jenner would make a good mother. The consensus is no.
Dean: Yeah, well, that's why I'm a Khloé man.

Mary: So what are you gonna do now?
Bobby: Honestly, I got no clue. Everyone seems to be settling in okay in town. Ketch is out doing Ketch things. Rowena and Charlie are road tripping it through the Southwest.
Mary: That's trouble.
Bobby: Ginger trouble -- the worst kind. Anyways without an archangel, it's not like we can go back home. And I'm not sure I'd want to. I-I like it here.

Jack: Sam said you're dead. He said Michael killed you.
Lucifer: Yeah, I don't like to speak ill of people, but Sam is a big fat liar and he's a bad person and like, freakishly tall, so...

Lucifer: I'm here for you, Jack. Because, you know, even though the Three Amigos -- Sam, Dean, and the other one -- won't admit it, you need me. You do, 'cause we're blood. And we're not human, no matter how much we pretend to be. See, humans are limited and fragile. And I'll admit, they bring out the worst in me, I gotta say. It seems like, you know, no matter how much you try to do right around them, something always goes wrong. Follow?

Jack: What do we do?
Lucifer: Leave. I mean there's a whole universe out there, buddy. Planets. Stars. Galaxies. Why should we stay here on Earth when we can go anywhere else? Heck, everywhere else.
Jack: Like, um, like Star Wars?
Lucifer: Exactly like Star Wars. You want a lightsaber? I can make you a lightsaber. Heck, I can make you a Wookiee.

Lucifer: Yeah, uh, Jack, about this, uh, resurrection stuff, it's not always a great idea because, uh, you know people come back... different.
Jack: Well, Sam didn't.
Lucifer: Right, well Sam's always been different. Some would say 'special.' No offense.

Michael: I'm not perfect. Yes, I made mistakes. But second time's the charm. And you Dean Winchester, will be the first life that I take in this world, first soul I save. Some would consider that an honor.
Dean: Well, as Shakespeare once said, eat me, dickbag.

Jack: Tell me the truth.
Lucifer: She saw me when I was scouting out the Bunker. She saw me and she screamed, and then so I crushed her skull with my bare hands. And it was warm and wet, and I liked it.
Jack: You're not my father. You're a monster.

Castiel: How do we stop him?
Michael: You don't. After consuming the Nephilim's grace, Lucifer's juiced up. He's super-charged. He'll kill the boy, your brother. Hell, he could end the whole universe if he put his mind to it. And you thought I was bad.
Dean: No. No you beat him. I saw you.
Lucifer: When he was weaker, and I was stronger. Believe me, I'd love to rip my brother apart. But now in this banged up meatsuit not happening. This is the end, of everything.
Dean: No. What if -- what if you had your sword?

Dean: I am your sword. Your perfect vessel. With me you'd be stronger than you've ever been.

Lucifer: Wow. Daddy Sammy coming to the rescue. But your little Jackie, the nougat-loving boy that you had before, he's killed people. He's got lots of blood on his hands.
Sam: I don't care. He's family.
Lucifer: Ha! What's family done for anybody? My Dad left me, my brothers have tried to kill me. A lot. I'm gonna prove it to you.

Castiel: Dean, you can't.
Dean: Lucifer has Sam. He has Jack. Cas, I don't have a choice! If we do this, it's a one time deal. I'm in charge. You're the engine, but I'm behind the wheel.

Lucifer: Now I could -- I probably should -- execute you. I mean, really, really use my imagination. But I'm feeling generous today. So one of you is gonna walk out that door, and the other one will be laying dead on the ground. You choose.
Sam: No.
Lucifer: Or you could do that, and I can murder you both and end all life in the universe. Remake it in my image, better than Dad ever could. I'm thinkin' mm fire-breathing dragons, sassy talking robots. I might give humans another chance if they know their place and worship me, 'cause I've earned it. But hey, it'll probably take a few days to unravel the universe, Maybe, uh, 7, 10 days tops. So maybe, just maybe, one of you could stop me. Maybe. Well, let's see. Clock's ticking, guys.

Lucifer: You let my brother in.
Dean: Well, turns out, he and I have something in common. We both wanna gut your ass.

Jack: Is he?
Sam: He's dead.
Dean: Holy crap.
Sam: You did it.
Dean: No. No, we did it. We did it.

Sam: Michael.
Michael: Thanks for the suit.

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