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Fanfic: "Soon"

The other day I was looking through some papers and found a print-out of one of my WIP fics from years ago with my notes scribbled all over it.

Surprise! Yes, I write fanfic.

Anyway, I went in search of the fanfic in it's digital form and eventually found it. But it was grouped with some other fanfic and at first, I've gotta be honest, I couldn't believe it was my writing! But it was and discovered while a few of the pieces had been posted to LJ way back then, this one....had not. So while this isn't the fanfic that I found the print-out of, this is one of my old fics....never before posted for reading until now.

It's not very long, in fact I've got it labeled as a ficlet, since it's under 1,000 words.
Oh! And this is not my usual fare...it's not a hurt/comfort fic. Shocking, huh? *g*

This is set in Season 7, so put yourself back in time....the boys trying to avoid the Leviathan...and are missing a beloved member of the team.

Title: Soon
Word Count: 718
Summary: The boys pay a visit to an old friend.
Warnings: Spoilers for anything past 7.06 "Slash Fiction".
Disclaimer: Still don't own Sam & Dean, even after all these years. Darn.

Author's Notes: I don't have a beta and any mistakes are purely my own.

Dean felt the need to stop in for a visit at least twice a month. At first Sam balked a little.

“Really, Dean? We’ve got more important things on our plate right now.”

He’d give a heavy sigh, maybe roll his eyes, but Sam always gave in. He knew how important it was to his brother, especially after all they had lost lately.

As time wore on though, Sam had to admit he came to look forward to the visits. This time they were within ten miles of the place when his brother mentioned it again.

“C’mon Sam. It’s been over two weeks.”

Dean looked over at him like an expectant two year old. Not that Dean needed his permission, but Sam somehow felt his approval was needed.

He turned his head towards his brother and gave a quick smile. “Sure. Let’s go.”

Dean returned the smile like someone had given him a free piece of pie. That was the biggest reward of all for Sam: seeing his brother happy. There was precious little of that anymore.

They pulled into the lot, got out of the car, and Dean fished around in his pocket for the key. Snapping open the padlock he pulled open the door and the two of them entered the now sunbathed, dusty interior.

Dean pulled back the tan cover and smoothed his hand along the shiny black finish.

His brother said it under his breath, but Sam always heard the same greeting to the beloved car.

“Hey, Baby. I’ve missed you.”

Sam couldn’t help but smile a little. He knew the attachment his brother had with this car was a little extreme, but he couldn’t deny the pleasure it brought to Dean. In so many ways the Impala was an extension of who Dean was. With her being in lockdown it was as if part of Dean were locked up, too. In amongst all the drinking and sleepless nights over losing Cas and Bobby, losing his car was another blow that Dean didn’t need in his life. But Frank had been adamant. The car was too distinctive when they needed to be laying low and hunting under the radar of the Leviathans.

Sam leaned back against the wall and just enjoyed seeing his sibling have this moment. Even he had to admit to missing the comfortable rumble of the Impala’s engine. Most of the cars they’d picked up over the past several months couldn’t hold a candle to the kind of power this one had. Dean had restored her into prime condition the last time, yet here she sat, unused and waiting. But she certainly wasn’t forgotten.

Dean leaned his arms against the car’s top, caressing it with his hands.

“God, I wish I could take you out on the road, sweetheart. Soon. I promise. Once we send those Leviathans packing I’ll get you back out there.”

Dean got into the driver’s seat, felt the familiarity of the steering wheel, and reveled in the well known scent of the only permanent home he and Sam had ever known. For a few minutes he forgot Sam was even waiting for him. It felt so good to sit in that well-worn bench seat, to feel it conforming to his body. For a moment he closed his eyes and could remember countless miles behind the wheel and all the memories this hunk of steel and chrome held.

He heard Sam shift his position and walk over.

Right. Time’s up.

Dean opened his eyes and gave a weary sigh.

“Well, until next time.” He lovingly patted the Impala’s dash before getting out.

Replacing the cover back over the vehicle and smoothing it down he turned around to exit the storage locker. Taking one last look Dean pulled the door closed and locked it up.

When he turned around Sam gave him a gentle smile and a clap on the shoulder. “You’ll get to drive her again soon, Dean.”

“Yeah”, sighed Dean as he went around to the driver’s side of their latest unremarkable car, “Soon.” He jerked the door open, got in, and gave a heavy sigh as he turned the key in the ignition and it sputtered to life. How Dean longed to hear the welcoming rumble of the Impala’s engine instead.

Soon couldn’t come fast enough.

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