raloria - Screencapping Goddess (raloria) wrote,
raloria - Screencapping Goddess

As Sam Beckett on Quantum Leap used to say...

"OH, BOY!"

Tonight the wonderful SPN_sil on Twitter announced she is no longer going to be covering SPN conventions on Twitter due to her new job and personal reasons. I used to cover cons myself on Storify back when I initially started on the site (I think it was 2013?). I stopped in 2015 when I fell behind and Sil began con coverage with her team. I instead concentrated my Storify posts on Tweets about the SPN Production and namely info. about when and where they were filming.

So with SPN_sil calling it quits, it looks like I'm needed for convention coverage once again.
You know...on top of all the other things I'm doing. 'Cause I've got ALL this time on my hands...obviously. :P

Ha! In all honesty though, this might be the spark I need to light a fire under my butt and get in gear to get myself better organized and actually....you know, get things done. Like I used to.

Or it will be one of the worst decisions ever and a total disaster.

Either way, I've got the experience, so why not step up and take over?
I've supported Sil and her team since day one and I know how much work they've put into the cons they've covered. I only hope I can get close to filling the gap myself. Who needs sleep, right?

Fortunately, I've got a week until ChiCon to prepare and to see if I can actually do this.

Since Storify went caput, I've moved everything over to Wakelet.
So all my old Storify posts are here: https://wakelet.com/@raloria613_bb33d
I'll continue to use this account for SPN Filming Info.

I've set up a new Wakelet account just for SPN Convention Coverage here: https://wakelet.com/@raloriaspn_Zlcr5u

Feel free to follow either or both.
Wish me luck! :)

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