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Just 'Cause - Jared's Birthday Picspam

This cap is from 1x06 "Skin"
Click to see the full-sized cap.

// Click any cap to view at full-size.//

It's Jared's birthday today and I quickly grabbed some caps of Sam through the seasons because I can't imagine anyone else bringing our Sam Winchester to life on screen. Jared's brought out so many different sides and facets to Sam over the years: young and seeking a normal life, trying to save Dean, being addicted to demon blood, sacrificing himself to save the world, being soulless, have hallucinations about Lucifer, and ultimately becoming a leader of hunters.
Btw, sorry I didn't have time to label each cap - you'll find the episode # in the filename for each one.

  • Very long Wednesday. So tired. Looking forward to the weekend already.
  • I meant to post the other set of Jensen TXDOT Video caps I have, but I then found a better, higher quality version of the video on youtube, so I'm gonna wait and cap and post those instead next week.
  • In the meantime, enjoy this: Random Rerun Cap: SPN SDCC 2014 Panel
Have a good Thursday folks. *hugs*

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