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Let's Talk: Summer Foods

Thought I'd try out a post that I hope will spawn some discussion. 'Cause I do miss chatting with you all. :D

Do you have foods that you only eat during the summer?
Maybe they're only available then? Or they just signify summer to you.

For me this is lemon meringue pie and strawberry shortcake. (Not together!) LOL

Strawberry shortcake is usually only available during the summer time around here, even though we can get strawberries almost year-round from other countries. But they just instantly make me think of summer days.
It also brings back a good memory of being on a vacation in Las Vegas, NV with my grandparents and after spending the evening late on the Strip, we had strawberry shortcakes for dessert that we bought a local grocery store. They were so good!

Lemon meringue pie is available year-round, but I only like to eat it during the summer. I don't know why, really. It just feels like a summer pie to me. Light and airy, yet tart and sweet. It's just very refreshing on a warm summer evening.

Do you have any summer foods?

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