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A week off

Real life is crazy and busy right now (and this heat wave isn't helping) and I've fallen behind in my capping duties. This means that I need to take a little break from my usual, weekly LJ posts. I'm all caught up on posting the Perfectly Timed Credits Caps from Season 8 and I need to fix & upload the rest. I'm behind on fixing Beginning & Ending Caps for Season 7 so I can start posting those.

I'll keep up the daily Just 'Cause posts for the week, of course, but anything else will depend on how much time I have each evening.

Oh, I'm also trying to figure out how start up another round of the SPN Name That Cap Challenge.

On the upside, here's what I've capped recently and their status:

  • SPN 13x18 Highlight Caps — Just need to upload the zipped folder before posting
  • SPN 13x19 Highlight Caps — Still need to Sort/Delete/Fix/Upload
  • JA TxDOT Ad Hi-Res Caps — Need to Sort/Delete/Fix/Upload
  • SPN at SDCC2018 Panel (Jensen Focused) Caps — Just capped this overnight, over 2,000 caps!

There's more of course, but that's the stuff I want to get posted soon. So a little break from the norm around here, but hopefully just for one week.

Btw, I'm using LJ's new posting page for this...thought I'd give it another try.


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