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First Impressions Review: 14x01 "Stranger In A Strange Land"

Watched the episode late.

I know you all like brevity, so I'll try to keep this short.

It's strange seeing all these people in the Bunker. Feels wrong at first. This is Sam & Dean's home.
I feel Jack's useless feeling, but as Cas and Sam have pointed out, he can still contribute.
As for Maggie...um, why is she still around? I hope they train her to be a good fighter/hunter.

It's sweet, but sad to see Sam driving the Impala all alone. Love that he's taking good care of her for Dean. ♥ Great seeing Sam being the leader, giving the orders, but obviously still feeling so lost without his brother. :(
Loved that beautiful scene between Mary and Sam in the car - talking about Dean. They're hoping he's still alive.

The biggest surprise of the episode? Lucifer is truly DEAD! But his vessel Nick, is alive! WTH??? Very cool twist. Poor Sam having to talk to him though...it's gotta be difficult.

Kinda sad that yet again, Cas was caught off-guard and used as bait to get to the Winchesters. *sigh*
Must admit, I'm always confused at what state Cas is in. Does he have any powers right now? He didn't have anything to fight the demons and couldn't even heal himself or Jack after the fight.

I feel the demons are going to be quite the problem this season. After all, there's more of them than angels and they have no leader. Chaos can't be a good thing in hell.

I noticed that with Dean gone they had Sam & Cas stepping up into his roll a little bit. Cas giving a pep talk to Jack about family and struggling on together and then Sam issuing orders to the troops and using the word "awesome". ♥

And that leaves us with Michael. Wow. Jensen is doing an amazing job! The way he moves, the way he talks...nothing Dean-like there! He's quiet, yet intimidating. Calm, yet menacing. So he's going around asking everyone what they want. I caught that Kip, the demon, said someone asked him that - so did he meet Michael??? Sam probably had a lead on the archangel and didn't even know it! There's too few angels for Michael use and he doesn't like humans, so he's going after gathering a new army - of vampires. 'Cause all they want to do is eat. Reminds me a bit of Dick Roman, the leader of the leviathan. "If you wanna win, you gotta be the shark, and sharks gotta eat." LOL So Michael's perfect world is one with vampires??? It'll be interesting to see how this goes.

Final Thoughts:

Totally enjoyed this season premiere! :D
My only quibble is the slo-mo during the fight scene. It was a little...distracting. I wish the show wouldn't feel the need to use these gimmicks, because they're really not needed. Forget the high-wire fights and the slo-mo. Just give us good cinematography, lighting, and fight choreography. The fights in Season 13 were excellent! We don't need slo-mo. /rant

I'm not gonna grade the episodes anymore because it's just too hard! I really liked it. That's all you need to know. Let's do this, Season 14! :)


Michael: Hello, Jamil.
Jamil: Who are you?
Michael: Oh, we've never met but you've read all about me. How does it go? Whoever is an enemy to Allah and His angels and His messengers and Gabriel and Michael then indeed Allah is an enemy to the disbelievers.

Michael: If you could have anything, name it.
Jamil: Peace. And love.
Michael: If you cared about peace, you never would have never left Syria. You never would have ran and abandoned your friends to die -- and they did die. And if you cared about love, you never would have gone into the broom closet with... What was her name? Darlene. Your wife never would have left and you wouldn't be living in this... rat hole. And that's the problem with you. You're lost... and not worth saving.
Jamil: Wha--wha--what do you want?
Michael: What I've always wanted... a better world.

Sam: Okay. Um... All right. Get me teams of two. I want watch points every 50 miles. If you see something, say something. Maggie, can you hack the traffic cams on the freeway?

Bobby: You got to. As a wise man once said, 'It ain't about how hard ya hit. It's about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.'
Jack: Was that Gandhi?
Bobby: Probably. Yeah, somethin' like that. Yeah

Jo: You're not -- You're no Dean Winchester. You're... Oh, God.
Michael: People keep calling me that.

Jo: You're the Archangel Michael, from another world, and you're possessing Dean Winchester.
Michael: Sounds more complicated than it is.
Jo: Why would he say 'yes' to you?
Michael: Love.
Jo: Really? That's very Hallmark Channel. So I'm just gonna go now.

Michael: What do you want?
Jo: I don't know. Chanel, Dior, Louis Vuitton.

Michael: I know about you, Jo. Because he knew about you. You're the rebel, the angel who doesn't like playing by Heaven's rules or whatever. You pretend to care about these things -- pretty things. But that's all it is -- pretending. These trinkets, they don't make you happy. They just pass the time. They're not what you really want.
Jo: And if you're so smart, what do I really want?
Michael: Love. To belong, to have a place -- a home, a family. It's very... very human of you. And so... so disappointing. I can sense how many angels are in this world. There aren't many left. I thought... maybe I could help. But if they're all these sad, lost, fallen things -- things like you -- maybe they're not worth saving, either.

Sam: Jack... I know this must be so hard. Without your grace, without your powers, it's a lot, I'm sure. But you can get past this. I know you will. I have faith in you, Jack. And I believe in you.

Nick: I don't get it. I don't understand how Lucifer could die and I could live.
Sam: Yeah, um... I think that maybe it's because the archangel blades were made to kill the archangel inside a-and not the person they, uh --
Nick: Possesses and uses to almost end the world twice?
Sam: Yeah. That.

Kip: You see recently, I had a revelation. You know, somebody asked me what it was that I wanted. And I realized that after 600 years as a demon walking the planet, destroying, drinking, defiling -- you know the Three D's -- I didn't know. So I say back and gave it a good think, and I realized exactly what I wanted.
Castiel: And what is it?
Kip: Everything.

Mary: Sam, it's gonna be fine.
Sam: Stop saying that, please.
Mary: What?
Sam: 'It's gonna be fine,' that everything is going to be fine, we're gonna find Dean, and --
Mary: We are.
Sam: You don't know that. Dean's gone, and we have no idea where he is, or -- or if he's even still alive. You know, Michael could have... burned him out or worse, and...
Mary: I know. I know he's out there, scared and alone. I know. I know he might not ever come back. Never think I don't know that. But I can't... I have to think about the good, Sam, because if I don't I will drown in the bad. For Dean's sake, I can't do that. We can't do that.

Kip: Ladies and gentlemen, the great Sam Winchester. I have heard so much about you. You are a damn legend, Sam -- a-an icon. Th-the shoulders, the -- the hair. Mm-mm! You are my Beyoncé.
Sam: What do you want?
Kip: That is a very good question. What do I want? You know, I don't know if you are aware or not, Sam, but Hell's in a bit of a pickle, you know, with Crowley dead and Asmodeus Kentucky fried, which means--
Sam: I don't care.

Sam: Alright, you've got some good lines. I'll give you that much. But you're no Crowley. I know that and so do they.
Kip: Ouch! Owie! I know that I'm not that ponce-y son of a bitch. You see, in life, I rode with Genghis Khan, and I burned half the world. So please, do you think that I like prancing around like this? Please. If I had it my way, I would eat your heart. But a king has an image to maintain. And I'm not afraid of you. But... they are. So, take the deal, Sam, before I stop trying to be Crowley and I show you who I really am. So what do you say darling?

Sam: Enough! There will be no new King of Hell. Not today. Not ever. And if anybody wants the job, you can come through me. Understood? So, what's it gonna to be?

Castiel: Sam, are you all right?
Sam: Yeah. I've been better. I've been worse. You?
Castiel: I'm -- I'm just sorry. I should never have gone to those demons.
Sam: Cas, I -- No, I-I-I don't blame you. I... Honestly, I-I wish I'd have thought of it first. If it meant finding Dean, I-I'd... work with... I'd do anything.

Jack: I'm useless. I can't kill demons, I can't find Dean, and Michael is in our world, and I can't stop him. I can't do anything. I don't have anything.
Castiel: Oh, Jack, that's just not true. You've got me. You have all of us. You have your family. And -- And we are going to find Dean, and we are going to beat Michael and we are going to do it together. We -- Because that's what we do.

Castiel: Who was that?
Sam: Uh, Ketch. He's in London searching for the Newton-Dee Hyperbolic Pulse Generator.
Castiel: The what?
Sam: It's the -- it's the magic egg that kicked Lucifer out of the President. I thought we could use it on Michael, but Ketch can't find it. So, that's another dead end, which is just awesome.

Michael: Now, you -- you know exactly what you want. You don't pretend to want to help people... or save the world. Your want is pure and simple... and clean. And that's why you are worth saving. That's why we are going to work so well together. Because you -- you just want to eat.

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