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SPN Name That Cap Challenge 6 - Day 11

Rules & Info. about the Challenge
Day 10 Cap:
The image of Dean was from 5x16 "Dark Side Of The Moon".


7 people guessed correctly: sandy79 fanspired bratfarrar amypond45 itsnotmymind ellerkay hells_half_acre.

You all got it correct!
My apologies for the long absence. I was busy attending VanCon. Time to get back on track!

Ready for the next cap? Good Luck!

[CLUE: (click to open)]"What are the odds, Cassie? Fate brought us together.".

What episode is this cap from?

You have until I post the next cap on Friday, October 26th to comment
with your 3 guesses.

Tags: fun stuff, name that cap 6, supernatural
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