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First Impressions Review: 14x03 "The Scar"

Alright, I'm all caught up! :)

Dean is back! A point that has to be emphasized by him several times in the opening scenes of the episode: to Sam, to Cas, to people in the Bunker. But the elder Winchester brother, is indeed back...and doing what Dean usually does after a major trauma - diving head-first into hunting without a lot of thought because it hurts too much. Avoid the problem, do the hunting, and it'll all go away. Except it never does. So glad Sam called Dean out on this, too. And that Dean finally does open up to his brother in that beautiful scene in the car. Sam's tear-eyed looks as Dean explains drowning from Michael's possession of him. Great job by Jared. Oh, and I loved the cute brotherly banter about Sam's beard at the opening of the episode, too.

Surprise Kaia! Didn't see that coming at all. Glad the show picked up that thread again. I figured since Wayward Sisters didn't happen that they'd just forget that Kaia ever came over into this world, but...here she is, wounding Michael and running for her life from his hybrid vampires. But why does her spear wound him? And notice how she didn't answer about how she opened a rift into this world. Hmmm....I need more answers. I'm sure we haven't seen the last of her or that spear.

Love having Jody back as I adore her quazi-mother roll for the boys. There's a lot of history between these 3 and I appreciated her speaking up and saying she wanted to stick together and not split up in those woods. Yes! But why, oh why do they have to keep breaking this poor woman's limbs??? o.O They won't kill her but hey, let's break her arm! Good think she's got Alex to patch her up. Oh! One little bone to pick: Why does Jody mention that she's raising 3 hunters. She's got Alex and Claire, but she said Patience was still going to school, so...isn't she still at home w/her dad???

Yay! for Jack finally getting a win. Felt so proud of him figuring out that whole thing with the girl and the dead witch's necklace. That was cool. And all this after he was just about to leave the Bunker and go off on his own. But what is going on with him at the end of the episode? Coughing up blood? And from the looks of it, quite a lot. Is this some result of his grace being gone? Is he dying??? I hope he doesn't end up hiding this from the others for long.

Final Thoughts:

Another good, solid episode. Great to have Dean back - though I'm still torn about not getting more of Michael - but if Dean is truly back well, then I'm happy to have him back and bantering with Sam. Oh, and those close-up shots of Dean's face throughout the ep? I approve! Mmmm...pretty. :)

Btw, still not happy with all the people in the Bunker. I mean, it's either heavily populated or we just see the brothers, Cas, Jack, Mary, & Bobby. Where do they all go? Why are they all seemingly living there? Can't they be somewhere else? I hope Dean puts his foot down and kicks them all out, quite frankly.

Jody's still alive! Jack saved a girl's life! But who will save him?

Yeah, that's all I've got. I'm tired/sleepy. Next week's ep looks like fun.


Dean: It's just every time I think about it, you know, it's like a -- it's like a nightmare. I mean, I can't eat. I can't sleep. It's always just there watching.
Sam: Dean, it's just a beard. I've been a little busy lately.
Dean: Yeah, well, that's not an excuse. You know, 'cause, uh, "Duck Dynasty" called, and they just -- they want it all back.

Dean: Hey, if you're gonna ask if I'm okay, you don't have to.
Sam: All right. It's just, uh, you know, you didn't talk a whole lot on the ride here.
Dean: Look, Michael bailed, all right? I don't know how. I don't know why. He just -- He just cleared out. And as far as my memory goes, I mean, everything from the second I said yes to the moment I walked through those doors is blank, so, I'm good. I'm just really, really happy to be... home.

Castiel: Why would Michael just give up his vessel like that?
Sam: I don't know.
Cas: And why was Michael helping monsters?
Sam: Cas, truth is we don't know anything.

Dean: Right. So Cas, I'm gonna need you to, uh, get in my head. You know, do the whole Vulcan-mind-meld thing. 'Cause if I can't remember what happened, I need you to drag it out of me, okay?

Sam: Dean, we still have no idea why Michael let you go or where he is now or what he wants.
Dean: Yeah, or who his favorite Spice Girl is.
Sam: Come on, man. This isn't a joke. Something huge happened, and you won't really even talk about it. But this whole Michael thing, we need to deal with it.
Dean: Okay, I'm literally going 80 to deal with it. How can I be running from something when I'm racing towards it?
Sam: I don't know. Kinda your thing. Okay, look, I'm just saying... you said you let Michael in, then, bang you're back in a blink. But for me... you were gone for weeks. I didn't know if you were alive. I... just need you to talk to me, to slow down so I can catch up.

Jody: How'd you do it?
Dean: What, me versus some assbag archangel -- who would you take?
Jody: You, every time.

Jody: I have video surveillance going down at the ferry. Claire practically sits shiva down there. There's been nothing. How do you know?

Jody: As far as I could tell, yep. Until I talked to you, I thought we were hunting a human, too, maybe a serial killer. It'd be the first one in Sioux Falls since --
Sam: Well, since Robert Leroy Anderson.

Dean: We'd make better time if we split up.
Sam: Uh -- uh, Dean, w-we'll be safer if we stick together.
Jody: Yeah, if I get a vote, I'm Team Stick Together.

Sam: He's working something out. And he's working it out alone. Only thing I know -- He's not ready for this case.
Jody: Maybe. Maybe he needs it.

Kaia: You're much weaker.
Dean: Maybe. But you're still scared.
Kaia: Not of you. Of them -- the monsters he sends after me. Every time I slow down, there's more. There's always more. You're no different than him -- threats, violence, anything to get what you want.
Dean: I am nothing like him.
Kaia: Yeah, you are. You always have been.[…] I know where it comes from -- your anger, your impatience. It's fear. You're scared. And you're weak.
Dean: All right. Shut up.
Kaia: Michael hurt you. He hurt me too.

Michael: I didn't come here to fight. Not if I don't have to. This face you know, but I'm just borrowing it. We haven't met. But I've sensed you ever since I came to this world. You're like me. You bleed new energy. So does that. I'm here to make you an offer. There's a war coming, and I'm building an army. You can join my side, the winning side, if you give me that spear. Or you can fight, definitely lose, probably die, and then I'll just take it. So, Wild One, what's it gonna be?

Sam: You all right?
Jody: It's just, you know, seeing her face again. Raising three hunters and fearing every day that I might lose one of them... Didn't really even get a chance to know Kaia before she di-- I just feel like I already lost before I ever even began.

Castiel: Well... what you did today, you just made me so proud. You know, learning to hold your own in a fight without your powers, that takes time and -- and training, but today, you -- you proved that you have the mind of a hunter and the heart of a hunter. I was thinking, um... I mean I'll talk to Sam and Dean, but, um, well maybe -- maybe we can go on a hunting trip. I mean, If you want to.

Dean: You know, I said yes to him because I thought... It was stupid. I was stupid.
Sam: Dean... you did what you had to do.
Dean: And it wasn't a blink, being possessed. I make it sound like that, but it wasn't. I don't remember most of what Michael did with me because I was underwater, drowning, and that I remember. I felt every second of it -- clawing, fighting for air. I thought I could make it out, but I -- I... I couldn't. I wasn't strong enough. And now he's gone and he's out there putting an army of monsters together and he's hurting people. And its all on me, man. I said yes. It's my fault.

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