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First Impressions Review: 14x04 "Mint Condition"

Finally got last week's episode watched!

I'm gonna keep this short. In fact, I'm gonna just skip the whole Final Thoughts thing this time.
Well, that was FUN! I can see why fandom has been going on and on about it. Nice to just see the boys off on a case together on a simple MOTW or in this instance, ghost of the week.

Loved all the little inside jokes, even though I didn't get them all. Thx SuperWiki for listing everything!
The little brotherly moments were oh, so sweet. Sam checking in on Dean at the Bunker, Dean repeatedly asking why Sam doesn't like Halloween, and that great convo in the car at the end. ♥
Totally get Dean hanging out in his room and avoiding all the guests in the Bunker. Where did he get the TV though? Did he grab the one from Sam's room?

It was fun seeing Dean geek out, as it always is, and see him acting like his old self. In fact, both the boys were true to form in this ep, with Sam showing off his chemical knowledge with that bomb out of a Scooby-Doo lunchbox!

The ending was a little weird, with the guard finding the Hatchetman dummy. Why would the boys leave all that there? A minor quibble.

Really enjoyed and loved the ep, but I know I need to watch it again to truly get it all.
Ready now for this week's offering! :)


Dean: Oh, wow.
Sam: What? Oh, yes, I shaved.
Dean: I mean, it's so smooth. It's like a... dolphin's belly.

Sam: Hey, um... I wanna check up on you. You doing okay? I mean y-you haven't really come out of your room in almost a week.
Dean: Well, since when is 'okay' part of this job, huh? Yeah, Cas is, you know, showing Jack the ropes and Dark Kaia and her spear are in the wind and we have no clue where Michael is or what he's up to. And not that I'm complaining, but... the house is full of strangers, so...

Stuart: And then the thing freakin' jumped me! I mean it wouldn't stop! It was just over and over. Just... Panthro kicked my ass.
Dean: ThunderCats? Seriously?

Dean: So, seriously, what is your deal with Halloween?
Sam: I don't like it.
Dean: Yeah, but why don't you like it? Hmm? And don't give me that, like, 'well everyday is Halloween for us' crap, okay? Because one, it ain't. We don't eat that much candy. Two you've had this hate on for years. So...?

Dean: Hm, she's like your twin.
Sam: What? What are you talking about?
Dean: Her -- soft, delicate features, luxurious hair. She's like your Wonder Twin.

Dean: Got to love the Internet, where everyone can be a dick.

Dean: Yeah, well... growing up it was, uh... It was always nice to check out once and a while. I like to watch movies where I knew the bad guy's gonna lose.

Dirk: If ghosts are real, does that mean vampires?
Dean: Yep.
Dirk: Witches?
Dean: Uh-huh.
Dirk: Werewolves?
Dean: Unless it's Godzilla, it's real.

Dean: The aerobics instructor in the giant mixer. Right, and then the kids the next morning are at the rec center, they're all eating breakfast, and the one finds the tooth all with the stringy bits still hooked onto it. Oh, come on. I mean Forget Freddy and Jason. That's top-10 horror movie kill right there.

Dean: Alright. Look, man, I know once you go Casper things can go a little -- well, a lot crazy. The way I see it, you got two options. One, you let this go and you walk into the light. Or, two... I send you there.

Hatchet Man: Time to slice and dice.
Dean: I was kind of hoping you'd say that.

Dean: Thanks, man. You, uh... You got me out here 'cause you needed to get me out my funk and get me a win, and you did. So... thanks.
Sam: I got to admit, it didn't go exactly like I thought it would.
Dean: Hey, man. I just went toe-to-toe with David freakin' Yaeger. That was awesome.
Sam: Yeah, it wasn't really --
Dean: Don't ruin this for me.

Sam: Hey, Dean... when we get back to the Bunker, man, you got to stop hiding out in your room.
Dean: I'm not hiding out.
Sam: And I get why you're doing it. I-I do. But... what happened with Michael... You said yes for me, for Jack, for your family. You did the right thing. What happened after, just because Michael was wearing your face, doesn't mean any of this is on you. I don't blame you. No one blames you. You got to try and stop blaming yourself, please.
Dean: I'm never gonna get over it, okay? I'm just not. But you're right -- I'm not doing anybody any good by just staying cooped up in my room, so... whatever you need I'm there. All right, chief?

Sam: When I was in six grade, we were living in Bismarck. I had a huge crush on her.
Dean: Aww, that's adorable. Continue.
Sam: So she invited me to her Halloween party. I said yes and I-I went over, and at first, everything was great, um... And then we started to play games.
Dean: Spin the bottle?
Sam: Bobbing for apples. Like I said, I had a crush, so the entire night, my stomach was in knots, and when it was my turn, I-I bent down, and... hurled. Everywhere. Lunch, dinner it all came up -- on Andrea, mostly. Uh, people ran and screamed, and it was so bad.
Dean: That's great.
Sam: I ended up hiding out in the woods until you finally came and got me.

Dean: All right. This is what we're gonna do. Next year, we're doing Halloween right, okay? I'm thinking matching outfits like, uh... Batman and Robin.
Sam: No.
Dean: Bert and Ernie.
Sam: No.
Dean: That's weird.
Sam: Yes.
Dean: Uh... Rocky and Bullwinkle.
Sam: Dean...
Dean: Shaggy and Scooby.
Sam: Why would we...
Dean: Turner and Hooch. Ren and Stimpy.
Sam: Come on, now.
Dean: Thelma and Louise.
Sam: Thelma and -- ?
Dean: We just put in drive and go.

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