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First Impressions Review: 14x06 "Optimism"

Finally getting to this review! :)

Ok, it's actually been a few days since I watched the ep, so...bear with me on remembering things.

Oh, btw...it was extra fun for me to watch this episode because I was literally where they filmed this in Cloverdale just back in October! The opening shot of Harper going to the library? I walked right along there myself and didn't know it was used in an upcoming episode! *ahem* Moving on...

Knowing the track record of the writers of this ep, I know to be wary, but I really enjoyed this episode! Yes, there were problems (which I'll get to), but overall, it was a fun episode to watch. No demons, no angels, just 2 MOTW cases.

Sure, it was strange seeing the boys work apart, but it also worked because they were paired up with good secondary characters. So happy to see AU!Charlie once again and learn more about her past as opposed to our Charlie. It must be confusing for the boys (as it is sometimes for the show's audience at times) to be dealing with these semi-returning characters. I mean they're the same characters, but they're also a bit different, with different histories, as Charlie's illustrates. And we can't expect them to react like the old characters because they simply aren't the same people. I've seen people on SM getting upset over how AU!Bobby acted in 14x05. Well, he's not the Bobby we and the boys knew and loved. You can't expect him to be that person. There's some similarities, but that's about it.

Anyway, the boys going off on separate cases also worked because they were kind of worried about one another, especially Sam about Dean going off on his own with Jack. And Jack proved that he can hunt, powers or not. He actually did a really good job paired up with Dean, playing parts and getting Harper to trust him.

Loved the humor in the ep so much! The great cut-aways at the beginning from Dean & Jack to Sam & Charlie, Sam with the fidget spinner, Sam & Charlie's boredom, Dean & Jack interviewing the cafe patrons (shades of Season 1's "Hell House"), Jack calling Dean an "old man" and Dean being upset about it. Richard Speight really did a great job directing this episode!

The Problems:
- Neither of the cases were actually completely solved. Harper got away from Dean & Jack and Sam & Charlie had no idea there was a group of the Muscas that came and got the body.
- What the hell was with all the pine tree air fresheners in the Musca's lair??? To cover up the rotting flesh smell? Why??? And the fly traps? An inside joke? I don't get it.
- Harper never should have gotten away from Dean & Jack. When she's writing to Jack, she's got a suitcase next to her. That means she had to go to her apartment to pack! They didn't go right there to see if she was there? Ugh. Sloppy, guys.
- What was with the weird get-up for the Musca? Sort of like a Victorian bathing suit with a beekeeper veil. I get it was to hide the fly-head, but subtle out in public? Not so much!
- How did it get from daylight to pitch-black night so fast? Jack & Harper left her apartment (as Dean was fighting w/Vance) and it was day, suddenly they're running up to the library and it's night? I don't think so!

Final Thoughts:

Despite my problems with the episode, I did enjoy it. I guess because the characters worked so well together. It was a lighter episode, avoiding all the Michael heaviness. So happy we're starting to address Jack's coughing! What is wrong with him??? Looking forward to hopefully getting some answers in the next episode.


Jack: Dean, I need to do something. You don't understand. I could have killed Michael. Here, when I was strong enough, I could have. But there was so much going on, and then everything else happened because I was distracted and stupid and --
Dean: Hey. You didn't do anything wrong.
Jack: And neither did you. But that doesn't make it any easier, does it? So, I can't just sit here in the bunker thinking about it all day. What I could have done differently, how I can't do anything about it now. But I can do this. I can hunt. Give me a chance.

Jack: What's 'courting?'
Dean: It's what you do before you start dating.
Jack: Oh, and that's the thing you do before the sex.
Wanda: Sometimes you just have the sex.

Dean: Pie is important.

Dean: Well, congrats, Mighty Mouse. I think you found us a case.

Charlie: Sam, before all this, I was just a programmer at Richard Roman Enterprises. I lived with the love of my life, and we --
Sam: Wait, you -- you did?
Charlie: Yeah. So, your Charlie she... I guess she never met Kara.
Sam: Kara?
Charlie: Uh she owned a bakery outside of Chicago. Cupcakes. It was like something out of a storybook. She always smelled like peaches, and her smile was just Michael and Lucifer, when they started their war, first thing, a giant EMP or something like it went off over North America. Fried every bit of technology. Cellphones, power plants. For the first few days, we banded together. Thought, 'Hey, someone'll save us.' No one ever did. When the food ran out, people got mean. Mobs started forming, stealing whatever they could get their hands on. A lot of people died. Kara died. People are always the same when things go wrong -- they lose it. One day, the water gets shut off, the next day, people are on fire. It's a fact about society -- it all falls apart.

Charlie: I mean, no offense, but who wants to be a hunter? This job, it's just a lot of tears and death.
Sam: Funny. You, uh -- You said something like that to me once long ago about hunting. Not you. Uh, sorry. Our Charlie.

Sam: Oh, great. Our perp might just be a giant fly with low self-esteem.

Dean: Look, I promise you that Harper Sayles is not in love with you, okay? Would you calm down?
Jack: Okay. But if she is, I need to know everything about sex. Go.

Sam: Charlie, you can't just quit and go live on a mountain somewhere. People need people.
Charlie: Why? 'Cause they're the luckiest people in the world?
Sam: No, come on. We just do. We're social animals.
Charlie: Emphasis on 'animals.'
Sam: Yeah, but you're also a hunter. The things that we've seen, it's not so easy to just walk away from it all.
Charlie: Believe me, I've tried.
Sam: Our Charlie tried.
Charlie: Yeah, well, again, she ain't me. It's my life, Sam. Not hers and not yours.

Dean: Archie! Hey! Let's dance.

Jack: What are you doing?
Harper: What? He's my boyfriend. He just gets a little jealous sometimes.
Jack: But he's dead. And stalking you.
Harper: No, he's stalking you. It's a little game we play. Some people pretend to be naughty nurses, some people get tied up. We do this. Oh, and he has to eat flesh to maintain his body. Stupid magic. But it all works out. Except not for you. I'm sorry about all this, Jack. I actually think I liked you. But you're obviously a hunter, and I come from a long line of necromancers. I mean, I can mostly only raise the dead, but that comes in handy. And I can't let you or your friend get in the way of the love Vance and I share. It's first love, Jack. The best kind. Without baggage or compromise. I mean, I did have to kill him to keep him here after college, but every relationship has its stuff, right? And all the other guys -- none of them are like Vance. Strong and courageous and -- So, they all had to die. Especially Miles, who just -- ugh. So, I had Vance crush his throat. I wish I could have watched. And now we're going to kill you.

Jack: Uh, headshot?
Dean: No, no, no. Creeps like this, you got to get 'em back in their grave. Drive a silver stake through their heart to keep 'em there.

Charlie: I wasn't looking for love. I found it, and I lost it. And I didn't kill people and literally nest in their body parts, so...
Sam: Okay, I know, I know. How about this? Don't leave. Hear me out. Sure, some people can do bad things when they're desperate or scared, but I mean, the guy we just saved, he has a wife, children. I'm not saying all people are good people or even that most people are, but if we help people, then maybe they'll help people and all that. And that's worth it. Even with all the tears and death -- it's worth it.
Charlie: Just to be super clear, I am not like the fly monster.

Harper: 'Jack. I'm already writing -- isn't that crazy? I'm not crazy. But our love is so vivid. I can't wait to find you. You're the first man to ever get me to leave McCook. Now I'm in the world. I'm sorry I have to kill you for what you did to Vance, but then I can bring you back so that we can be together again. It's gonna be perfect. See you soon. Love, Harper.'

Dean: Okay. All right. Look, it's not about being right, okay? You're gonna make mistakes. Hell, I make them all the time. But it's how you handle yourself once you've made those mistakes. And you learn from them.
Jack: And how to not beat yourself up over them?
Dean: You know, Jack, you're pretty smart sometimes. I tell you what -- when Sam gets back, I'll talk to him about getting you out on more hunts. Okay? In the meantime, we'll get you a crate of cough drops.
Jack: I'm fine. It's all part of being human, right?

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