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VanCon 2018 Videos: Karaoke "Livin' On A Prayer" & "Africa"

I'll be honest: this was the most disappointing Friday Night Karaoke I'd ever been to.

It wasn't for a lack of enthusiasm or energy from the crowd, but there was hardly any star power on the stage! All we had was Matt, Briana, and Kim and for the last hour it was only Matt! Obviously, Rich wasn't there due to directing, but where was Rob??? Where were the usual surprise guests or local actors that would stop in for a song or two? I was so excited when Kat Ramdeen appeared, but then she was gone just as fast.

It was mighty lackluster and by the end, I was almost sorry I even went and stood for those 2 hours. This karaoke was NOTHING like all the other ones I've attended at VanCon over the years. *sigh* It sounds like Rich isn't even going to do any Friday Night Karaoke at the cons next year, so that's sad, too.

Tags: actors: briana buckmaster, actors: kim rhodes, actors: matt cohen, conventions, vancon 2018, video, youtube
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