raloria - Screencapping Goddess (raloria) wrote,
raloria - Screencapping Goddess

Just 'Cause

This cap is from 3x01 "The Magnificent Seven"
Click to see the full-sized cap.

The calm before the storm...

  • Had a pretty good Sunday. I successfully grocery shopped without using an electric cart to get around in at the stores! Yes, my knee & back are finally feeling well enough that I can stand & walk without being in much pain. Took long enough!
  • I've switched my LJ's theme back to the blue wood one I used before...and replied back to some comments, too.
  • SPN Episode Title Caps: 14x07 "Unhuman Nature"
  • Merry Monday: The Muppets do "Java"

Have a nice Sunday, all. *hugs*

Tags: just cause, random cap, supernatural
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