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First Impressions Review: 14x08 "Byzantium"

Alright, I'm majorly late with this, but I'm trying to get my reviews caught up before the next new episode airs so....

Jack dies...he's a true Winchester now.
I love how we see each of the guys mourn in their own way, especially Sam & Dean. Yeah, they all drink their sorrows away, but Cas can't get drunk, can he? Dean couldn't even stand to be in the room as Jack was dying. Poor Sam tries to build a funeral pyre and his axe breaks. I love the shot of him sitting on the ground, up against the Impala as Dean & Cas drive up. So beautiful and sad.

It's a shame they couldn't get the same actress to play Lily - especially since I think Alicia Witt is taller than Veronica Cartwright? She looked taller anyway. Anyway, Veronica did a good job with the portrayal. Interesting how one good deed turned the scales in Lily's favor at the very end, but I'm glad she's in Heaven with her daughter.

I'll admit, I really don't understand how they exactly used a piece of Jack's soul to bring him back....but hey, it worked! So happy he did go to Heaven and got to see his mom finally. IMO it makes sense that Jack ended up in Heaven. He died as a human, not a nephilim.

So the keeper of the Empty is still after Cas, this time for good. Wonder what the "happy moment" will turn out to be? And I get that Cas doesn't want Sam & Dean to know, but I wonder if they'll find out anyway. Things like that tend to leaked out eventually. Either way...it'll be painful for the boys! :(

A good episode! Moving on...


Jack: Please don't be sad. Maybe -- Maybe this is how things are supposed to be.
Dean: Don't give me that 'meant to be' crap. This isn't part of some damn plan.

Jack: Sam... what happens next... for someone like me?
Sam: I don't know.
Jack: Then it's gonna be an adventure.

Dean: Hey, Mom, it's me. Sorry to lay this on your voicemail, but, uh... it's Jack. He... He got sick, um, and he, uh -- h-he died... this morning. I would have called you sooner, but, um, it -- it happened so fast. And we thought we could fix it, you know like always. Anyway, Mom, I'm sorry. I know how much he meant to you and, uh, to all of us. Anyway, to tell you the truth, it would really be nice to hear your voice. If you could, uh, just call us back.

Dean: Tell me you didn't make a deal.
Sam: A -- A -- A deal? What? No. I -- I was trying to build a pyre. I couldn't -- I-I couldn't even do that for him. I should've done more.
Dean: Sam --
Sam: I should have tried harder. You know, I mean, everything we got -- the spells, the lore -- what good is any of it if we couldn't even save him?
Dean: At least you were there for him.

Castiel: Anubis. Guardian of the Dead. The Ancient Egyptians believed that when you die, Anubis would weigh your heart on his scale against justice's feather.
Sam: Yeah, the -- the weighing of the heart ceremony, right, but that wasn't Anubis. That was Osiris. We met him.
Dean: Major dick.
Castiel: Osiris is Anubis's father, and Heaven passed over him when they enlisted his son.

Sam: Listen, we talked about this.
Dean: I know. Gotta happen. It's the only way. Right. But I don't like rollin' the dice on the word of a psycho ex-angel killer.
Sam: I don't love it, either, but taking risks, making crappy deals -- that's what we do.
Dean: Yeah, and they usually bite us in the ass.
Sam: So, what do you want to do about it? Leave Jack in the morgue? Burn him?
Dean: I didn't say that.
Sam: Because, for me, not doing this -- that -- that would be like letting him die all over again.
Dean: I want Jack back, too, okay? I do. I just don't trust Lily.

Dean: You know, maybe we got off to a bad start. Um, guess I should be thanking you.
Lily: Apology accepted.
Dean: Except something's been bothering me. Uh, you know, if this magic of yours is so great... why'd you stop using it? You're letting yourself get old. You're letting yourself die. Why? Why risk going to Hell if you don't have to? There's something you're not tellin' us.
Lily: When Ishim took my daughter, I swore I'd kill him, even if it meant burning my entire soul. But it didn't. I have a sliver, a whisper of my soul left.
Dean: And?
Lily: May -- my daughter, my little girl -- is in Heaven. And if there is still a piece of my soul... Now do you understand?

Anubis: Mm. The brothers Winchester. I must say, your files have come across my desk many times.
Sam: We never met? I mean, we've died.
Dean: Yeah. A lot.
Anubis: I'm more of a 'back of the house' kind of guy. Death and her subordinates get all the face time. I get stuck with the paperwork.
Dean: Pushin' pencils, damning souls. Tough work.

Naomi: Tell me -- what choice do we have? If we don't meet its demands, Heaven will fall. 46,750,000,000 human souls will be cast in the wind. What's one Nephilim boy against all that? You know I'm right, Castiel. This is what we have to do.

Castiel: Take me in his stead. Take me.
Cosmic Entity: You?
Castiel: I'm the one you want. I'm the one who woke you up.
Cosmic Entity: You? But you're already mine.
Castiel: Not for years... eons maybe. But if you'll agree, I will go now, and I will go willingly.
Cosmic Entity: Deal. Oh, but not now. No, no, no, no, no. No, you see, I-I meant what I said. I-I want you to suffer. I want you to go back to -- to your normal life and -- and then forget about this and forget about me. And -- And then, when you finally give yourself permission to be happy and let the sun shine on your face, that's when I'll come. That's when I'll come to drag you to nothing.

Jack: Why? Why did you do that?
Castiel: Because I made a promise. Because I love you, Jack. And Sam and Dean -- they love you. And they are fighting for you at this very minute.

Jack: We didn't get enough time.
Kelly: Shh. It's okay. Go. Have a great life. I'll be waiting. I love you so much.

Jack: Is, uh, something wrong?
Sam: No. No, not at all.
Dean: Just damn glad to have you back.
Sam: Yeah.
Dean: And we know where Michael is. Not quite sure how you pulled that one off.
Castiel: Well, we, uh -- we still don't know where Dark Kaia is or the spear.
Sam: Yeah, but we will. We'll figure it out. We'll find her. I mean, we found her before.
Dean: That's right. And then Michael -- and that son of a bitch is gonna pay. Come on.

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