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First Impressions Review: 14x10 "Nihilism"

I've watched this episode 3 times now. Think I like it? *g*

I'm not gonna cover everything, because there's SO MUCH! :D
Rocky's Bar is a perfect blend of flashbacks to past episodes and call-outs to Jensen's Family Business Beer Co. Btw, I'm totally doing a special picspam of everything in the bar later on. ;)
Helloooooooo Pamela!!!!! What a super surprise! Dean always did have a thing for her. ;)
Loved the quick fight with the vampires - tossing the shotgun to Pamela and the jump over the bar (totally done by Jensen, btw). It is interesting that even though Dean has his dream bar, that he's unwilling to sell, he's still hunting (and so is Sam & Cas apparently). So even when he's in "contentment" Dean is a hunter. It's just so ingrained in him.

Someone on Twitter (sorry I can't recall who) pointed out that one of the many things that Jensen does to make Michael different from Dean is that he doesn't blink very much. And it's totally true! Now I can't unsee it. lol But yet more proof that Jensen has done an amazing job with his portrayal of Michael.

So smart with the Holy Fire and then the handcuffs! Michael didn't see that coming! ;)
There's shifts now with the reapers keeping an eye on the boys. lol Glad that Billie came through and got them back to the Bunker.

Michael: "I can hear you."
[Sam, Cas, & Jack move a few feet further away.]
Michael: "Really?"

I totally LOL'd! 'Cause they do this all the time on the show - talk about important things just a couple of feet away from the big bad or the monster(s)...like they can't hear! Too funny that the show just made fun of itself yet again. I love it!

So we learn from Michael there is one God and he made all these other worlds (or failed drafts). Interesting talk he has with Cas. Dude...Metatron tried to be God, too and that didn't work out. And yes, we know God can die. After all his own sister nearly killed him and the original Death said that he'd reap God. Here's my question though...Once Michael destroys this world and even if he destroys all the others. Then what? Seems like angels (and demons for that matter) never think about long term goals. What do you do when you eliminate - everything. Seems to me it would get pretty boring.

Btw, that road at night that Maggie & the other hunters track the monsters to near the Bunker? I was there the day before they filmed it outside of Vancouver back in October! :D

Love the whole journey by Sam & Cas into Dean's mind to get him out. It takes them a little while to get through to him, but once again, good old "Poughkeepsie!" comes through! I wonder if we'll ever learn the story behind that?

I thought Jack & Cas locked the Bunker down? 'Cause Maggie & the others just walk right in!
I know a lot of fans don't like Maggie & the other hunters from the AU, but I'll admit, she really showed some growth in this episode.

Yessssss!!!!! Great to see Jack use his powers once again to take down the monsters in the Bunker. I sure hope it didn't do any permanent damage to him though.

Well, damn! Brilliant (or stupid) idea to trap Michael within Dean's mind. I mean, Michael's incredibly strong. How long can Dean possibly hold him in there? And what will happen to Dean's mind with Michael literally banging around in there? Ouch.

Great scene with Dean talking to himself in the mirror...maybe reassuring himself that he's in control now? Meanwhile, Michael is banging to get out.

Dean: "What am I supposed to do with this?"
Billie: "That's up to you."


Thinky Thoughts:
* I hope Jack didn't really believe the lies Michael told him.
* Is Garth okay? Did Maggie & Co. actually go back & check on him? I'm really worried about poor Garth!
* What happened to the shot in the neck for the MOL Machine to work and connect minds together???

HOLY CRAP what an episode! It was EPIC!
Of course they didn't show us what was in the book at the end. Fans are trying to figure it out. Me? I really don't have a clue, but I hope they reveal it soon. It's gotta be something devastating for it to be the only other death for Dean besides all those many ones that say that Michael escapes, possesses Dean again, and destroys the Earth. A one in a million option. But what is it????

I can't wait to see what happens next! Eeeeee!!!!!! :D


Michael: Now, this just feels right. Hope is an amazing thing, isn't it? You had no chance of winning this. None. But you had hope -- hope that I wouldn't see you coming, but I saw everything. And now I have my perfect vessel. I've just destroyed the one weapon that could really hurt me. Thanks for bringing that, by the way.

Sam: Where's Jessica?
Violet: Well, my name's Violet. It's my shift. We have shifts now, because you mess up so, so many things.

Michael: Yes, uh, put a chair against the door. That'll help. Nothing's changed. Either my monsters get here or I break these chains. But tonight everybody dies. And, Sam? The last thing you'll see is this pretty smile as I rip you apart.

Jack: Sam and Dean -- they're gonna beat you.
Michael: Oh, please. Sam's in so far over his head, he's drowning. And Dean? Well, I've got Dean under control.
Jack: No. Dean -- he's strong.
Michael: He's a gnat. I'm a god. Who would you bet on? You don't know anything about Dean. I'm in his head literally. I know everything. Like, I know how sad he was when you died on the outside. On the inside, well, it's not that he was happy -- he just didn't care. 'Cause you're not Sam. You're not Cas. You're a new burden that he was handed. You're a weak, helpless thing. You think that they care about you, love you? You're a job, a job none of them wanted. And you --

Michael: Tell me. Why do you love this world enough to risk your own life?
Castiel: Tell me. Why do you hate this world enough to burn it to the ground?
Michael: Because I can. Because me and my brother -- my Lucifer -- when we fought in my world, we thought that God would come back, give us answers -- why He'd gone, what we'd done -- but, instead, do you know what happened? Nothing. No God. Nothing. And now, now that I'm in here -- now I know why. God -- Chuck -- is a writer, and like all writers, He churns out draft after draft. My world? This world? Nothing but failed drafts. And when He realizes that they're flawed, He moves on and tries again.
Castiel: No, that's not how. Why would He do that?
Michael: Because He doesn't care! About you, me -- anything. Now, at first, I thought I'd do it better. Show Him. Be more God than God. But now I just want to burn every one of His little worlds until I catch up to the old man.
Castiel: And then what?
Michael: Even God can die.

Jack: Well, if it doesn't, maybe there's something I can do. The magic that's keeping me alive, what if I can do more?
Sam: And burn off your soul?
Jack: Not all of it.
Sam: Jack. Dean wouldn't want to be saved, not that way.

Sam: Dean thrives on trauma. I mean, he's had to his whole life, right? It keeps him alert, keeps him ready, but if I wanted to distract Dean, I-I I'd give him something he's never had before.
Castiel: Contentment.
Sam: Exactly. So maybe, instead of looking through his bad memories, maybe let's, uh maybe let's look through his good memories.

Michael: Well, this is fun.
Dean: Get out of my head.
Michael: You don't mean that, Dean, not really. You may lie to them, but, deep down, I know you. I am you. You only tolerate the angel because you think you owe him, because he 'gripped you tight and raised you from Perdition.' Or whatever. But since then, what has he done? Only made mistakes, one after the other. And, Sam -- oh, Sam You know, Dean was his happiest when you quit hunting, leaving him with your dad, just the two of them. See, deep down, he knows that you will always abandon him, again and again.
Dean: Shut up!
Michael: You don't need them. You don't even like them. They're not your family -- they're your responsibilities. They're a weight around your neck. And deep down, you wanted -- you were desperate to get away from them. And that is why you said yes.

Michael: You fellas didn't think this out, did you? Even if you could force me out, what do you think I'd leave behind, hm? You'd be nothing but blood and bone.
Dean: Then we don't kick him out. We keep him in. It'll hold. My mind, my rules. I got him. I'm the Cage.

Dean: You broke the rules.
Billie: I took a calculated risk. I warned you. About the dangers of jumping from world to world. But you ignored me, didn't you?
Dean: Rescuing Mom and Jack, helping out those other folks -- I'd say it was worth it.

Billie: And just look at you now. Do you remember visiting my reading room? The shelves and shelves of notebooks describing the ways you might die?
Dean: Yeah. Upbeat classics.
Billie: Well, its the funniest thing, but they've all been rewritten. They all end the same way now -- with the archangel Michael escaping your mind and using you as his vessel to burn down this world.
Dean: All of them?
Billie: All of them. Except one.

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