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Saints under my bed, Monsters in my head

I've already watched Supernatural 14x11 and all I'll say is...whoo, boy! Lots of emotions!
Can't wait to give it another viewing or 2 before I type up my review in the days to come.


Did you all see the promo for next week's ep (14x12)???
That song! OMG So beautiful & haunting! I'm fixated on it now (thanks to Jules/SuperWiki for giving me the info. on Twitter so fast). By the way, it's on Spotify, too. ;)

Next week's ep looks like it's going to be even more emotional than this week's...if that's even possible! Dean's actually going into that box???? Nooooooooo!!!!!! sSa_wah

14x12 Promo

Monsters & Saints song

Check out the lyrics...

Note: I actually found that the lyrics on the link above are slightly wrong, so I've got the correct ones below (based on their lyrics).

Monsters & Saints

Walk on the water
Eyes up before you drown
Walk on the water
Cause there is no solid ground
Walk on the waves
Or we lay in the graves we made
It’s love or hate
But it all feels the same today

Oooh ooh ooohh
Everyone prays
To Monsters & Saints
Oooh ooh ooohh
We can’t be saved
By Monsters & Saints

Walk through the fire
Cause no one can put it out
Walk thru the fire
Burn away all your doubt
Walk through the flames
Where all of your demons wait
Pretend it’s a game
Forget that the devil doesn’t play

Oooh ooh ooohh
Everyone prays
To Monsters & Saints
Oooh ooh ooohh
We can’t be saved
From Monsters & Saints

Lay me down to sleep
Pray my soul to keep
Saints under my bed
Monsters in my head

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