raloria - Screencapping Goddess (raloria) wrote,
raloria - Screencapping Goddess

Nothing is forever

Especially websites. *sigh*

Had to deal with two website issues overnight. I'd been wondering why my animated gifs weren't appearing in my journal's sidebar. Turns out the site I've been using just for my gifs: Photoland.io, doesn't appear to be around anymore. It simply won't load.

So I found myself yet another image hosting site. Geez.
This time I'm using PostImage. I got all the gifs I currently have on my laptop uploaded to the site and wow was I impressed by the speed of the uploading. You can't control the size of the images in the posting codes, but I don't need that for my animations anyway. There's also only 2 ways to get the sharing/posting codes: all files together or individually. Again, not perfect, but since I only post a few gifs at a time, this really isn't a big complaint.

I re-linked the animations I had in my sidebar (as best as I could remember) and even added one. Ah, my sidebar is happy again! :D

My other website issue is with my Jottit site: Raloria's Resources. Every time I try to load the site it warns that the certificate is out of date or whatever and it's not safe to load. So I ended up using the Wayback Machine to access my site. Most of the pages were there, enough that I could save what I wanted (mainly the SPN Area Location List pages I'd made a few years ago). 'Cause I need to add those in over at spn_locations.

So that's my overnight fun. What did you do with your evening?

Tags: my lj comm, ramblings, randomness, technology
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