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First Impressions Review: 14x15 "Peace Of Mind"

Hey, I'm half-way there. :)

Apparently one can't leave Charming Acres or it gets messy...really messy.

Cas checks in on Jack...and the snake. The snake's not doing so well, but Jack says he's doing alright.

Jack: I feel different now, not like before, if that makes any sense.
Castiel: And your soul?
Jack: You want to know how much of my soul I had to burn off to kill Michael?
Castiel: Yes.
Jack: I don't know. I try not to think about it.

Haha! Now that's a sandwich! Dean's a man after my own heart. I always make big sandwiches, too. ;)

So Rowena is "coping", Jack & Sam are "good" but Dean feels they're both full of crap.
Uh, how about Dean? He's the one that just got rid of an archangel who was in residence in his noggin for how long? Weeks? A month or more? But he's apparently fine. All systems normal. Yeah, right!
Sam's having flashbacks of Maggie and all the other dead hunters. :(

The boys have been on 3 back-to-back hunts and Sam's just found another. Dean tries to get him to slow down, but Sam's leaving anyway. Cas agrees to go with him if Dean deals with Jack, since he's dealt with someone who's soulless before. Dean admits he wasn't good with Sam back then, but Cas reaffirms that Jack looks up to Dean - which Dean rolls his eyes at. Aw, come on, Dean. Everyone looks up to you! ♥

Not only is Charming Acres really, really...charming, there's also no cell reception. Peachy.
And everyone's wearing clothes out of the 1950s, they don't know what cell phones are. But there's modern, plastic cupcake holders? And how about those prices at Harringon's? They're sure not out of the 50s.

Sam: What was that?
Castiel: Maybe they're Mormon?

Methinks Cas is mixing Mormons with the Amish. lol

Love how Cas stops everyone by saying Conrad's head exploded..."like a ripe melon on the sun". LOL
Hee! And back at the Bunker Jack is trying out different foods for the snake. Dean suggests bacon! Love his reaction to the mice! LOL

Ok, no cell phones, no cell reception to keep them from remembering or accessing the outside world.
Bye, bye Justin! *splat*

Really show? Really??? Making Jack choose between Angel Food cake or Devil's Food cake like that represents whether he's gone darkside or not? C'mon! That's just stupid.

Cas ends up looking for Sam the next morning, asking everyone where his partner is, or the very tall man. Until he gets to the Smith house and mentions Sam's "beautiful hair". Hee!
And Cas finds that Sam...is the new Justin Smith!

Cindy: Oh, you!
Sam: Oh, you!
Castiel: Oh, no.


I do love Donatello! I mean the dude likes Mr. Rogers. What's not to love? :)
Donny's words to Dean though, that if Jack seems alright he probably is...not very reassuring!

Ok, I don't get it. Was the major just some crazy psychic? And his powers don't work on Cas because he's an angel and not human. But how did he make people's heads explode? I have too many questions and show has no answers!

Damn. Cas's fighting skills are really on point here! Impressive.
He finally gets through to Sam...cause Cas knows what it's like to lose an army. :(
Cas's line about God having a beard just cracks me up! One of the funniest lines in a long time! XD LOL
Phew! Just before the Mayor can explode Sam's head, Sunny uses her powers to stop her dad and ends up sending him to a happy place within his own mind.

Everyone returns to the Bunker and Jack tells Dean the roadtrip to Donatello's was "illuminating"...leaving Dean more confused than ever.
Poor Sam with the exasperated looks at Cas when he finds out Cas called Dean and told him all about the cardigan and the wife. LOL Sam's like, "Thanks dude. My brother's gonna use this against me for the next 2 years." Heehee!

But the brothers finally get a little heart-to-heart. Sam admits he hates the Bunker now, that he sees the dead hunters. He knows he's been running them ragged, but this is their home, and he just needs some time.

Meanwhile, Cas watches Jack kill the snake so it can be with it's former owner...in heaven.
Not. Ominous. At. All.

Final Thoughts:

I really enjoyed this episode! Loved seeing Sam & Cas work together on a case because we rarely get to see them on screen together. And this case was...well, Sam said it, "weird". But oh, so funny! Sam's "Justin" persona was hilarious and Cas trying to figure out what was going on was very fun to watch.

Yeah, it was a little light on Dean scenes, but he was still there and Jensen got to use his comedic muscles with Dean's weird interactions with the snake. Not sure we gained a whole lot. We still don't know what state Jack's soul is really in. But it was an enjoyable romp all the same.


Dean: How's the kid?
Castiel: Well, he says he's good, but what about Sam?
Dean: He says he's good. I think they're both full of crap.

Castiel: It's like were stepping into a "Saturday Evening Post". I look at them sometimes after you fall asleep at night. They're very soothing.

Castiel: Love letters that were under the bed. They're from Sunny.
Sam: Sunny. Sunny the milkshake waitress?
Castiel: Yeah, and they're surprisingly passionate.
Sam: Passionate how?
Castiel: She spends quite a bit of time talking about the -- the shape and the heft of his --
Sam: Okay. Got it, yep, passionate. Understood.

Jack: How did you lose your soul?
Donatello: God's sister ripped it right out of me. That wasn't my best day. But oddly, it wasn't my worst day, either.
Jack: And...when it was gone, how did you feel?
Donatello: Like...the galaxy. You know, Jack, our galaxy's all bright and shiny and spinny but in its center lies this very large black hole. It's the same with me. I'm all bright and shiny, obviously -- Not so much spinny. But inside? Empty.
Jack: So you feel bad?
Donatello: I feel nothing. Losing your soul doesn't make you bad. It doesn't make you anything. It's um an absence of... of pity, of empathy... of humanity. How do you feel, Jack?
Jack: I don't know. I know I don't feel...nothing, but, I don't feel the same either. And maybe I just don't now what nothing feels like. Mostly, I just don't want Sam and Dean and Cas to worry.
Donatello: They're your family. Families worry.
Jack: But I just...I need time and space to figure things out on my own, but everywhere I go, there's someone looking over my shoulder.
Donatello: When I need to 'blend,' I ask myself, 'What would Mister Rogers do?'
Jack: Who's Mr. Rogers?
Donatello: The best man I know.
Jack: Sam and Dean are the best men I know.
Donatello: So, ergo, whenever you don't want them to worry, just think 'WWWD' -- 'What Would the Winchesters Do?'
Jack: I can do that.

Donatello: I'd keep an eye on him, but I think if he seems okay, he probably is.
Dean: So he's not like you?
Donatello: Oh, no. I'm a Prophet of the Lord, but he -- Jack's probably the most powerful being in the universe. I mean, really, who knows what's going on inside his head?

Sam: Sir, using language like H-E-double hockey sticks! You should have your mouth washed out with soap.
Castiel: Sam!
Sam: It's Justin!
Castiel: I'm gonna... Double hockey sticks?!

Castiel: Sam, I know you want to be happy. And I know what it's like to lose your army. I know what it's like... to fail as a leader, Sam. But you can't lose yourself. You have to keep fighting. You can't lose yourself, because if you do, you fail us. You fail all of those that we've lost. You fail Jack. Sam, you fail Dean.

Chip: No. No. In this town, I'm God.
Sam: No. You're not. Believe me. We've met God.
Castiel: God has a beard.

Dean: Really happy, huh?
Sam: I mean, I guess I was happy, but... It wasn't real, you know? Just...
Dean: Well, not a lot of happy goin' on around here.
Sam: I hate this place right now. I hate it. Everywhere I look I see them. I see Maggie. I guess that's why -- why I was so desperate to get out of here, why I kept running us ragged. But I got to stop that. I-I can't keep running. I -- This is my home. This is our home. Dean, I think I just need some time.

Jack: Cas says you miss your friend. You need help. Sam and Dean would help you, so I'll help you. I'll help you see your friend again. In Heaven.

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