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First Impressions Review: 14x16 "Don't Go In The Woods"

One down, one to go!

Oh, I know this all too well. Going into an icky restroom out in the wilderness like this. Oh, yeah. Been there, done that. Just watching this scene brought back the awful smell, the cold, the grossness. The only thing missing is all the writing scratched into the walls & doors.

Btw, Barbara was my aunt's name and you don't hear that name too much anymore so...thanks show for that.

Initially, I knocked this episode for a lot of things, especially there being a state park in Iowa. However, through some Googling, I found that Iowa has a whole bunch of state parks and Big Creek State Park is indeed one of them. It doesn't have towering pine trees though, so that's still a mistake. I also presumed there were no coyotes that far east. Iowa actually has quite a few coyotes. Who knew???

Ha! There is a continuity break when Dean hands Jack the shopping list. In the close-up shot, Dean's handing it to him horizontally and in the next shot of Jack taking the paper, it's vertical. Ooopsie!

Btw, it's kinda cute how awkward & bad the boys are at lying to someone they know & love, but can do it smooth and easily to total strangers. Speaking of awkward...Jack with the teenagers this entire episode. Yikes!!! It was super painful sometimes. :(


Oh, great...Elliott's watching the Ghostfacers. :P
So Tuesday is Movie Night at the Bunker, Dean usually picks - "Lost Boys" is a favorite.
The book about Monsters & Magic that Elliott's reading is by Jerry Wanek (the show's Set Designer). Cute!

Oh, Jack. He really screwed it up with those kids. Showing off, being too over confident with his powers, and it backfired. Bad. Sure, he healed & saved Stacy, but the kids don't want him around now.

So the Kohonta is pretty cool. Nice makeup & effects work when it just melted into green goo when it died.
I'm just kinda upset that neither of the boys got to make the kill. Meh.

Final Thoughts:

I've only watched this episode twice now and I'm still...meh. Not overly impressed.
The scenes with Jack & the kids were awkward and overly long and even the scenes with the boys out in the woods were kinda...boring.

I mean, if the boys were that worried (well Dean is anyway) about Jack - why leave him all alone like that?
And then they return and he lies to them. Doesn't tell them that he did use his powers and it ended in disaster. Sure, he fixed it, but he's obviously having problems with his powers again.

I just felt this was a lackluster episode. It wasn't really bad, but it was just slow and boring.


Dean: What you looking at? Porn? Sex tapes? Nip slips?
Sam: The Internet is more than just naked people. You do know that, right?
Dean: Not my Internet.

Jack: Did you know Article 246 of the Haitian criminal code officially makes it against the law to turn a human into a zombie?

Dean: We don't want to leave the Bunker empty. In case, uh, Mom or some of the other hunters call and need help, so... And this place is long overdue for a restock. So, uh, your mission, should you choose to accept -- made you a list.

Eliot: Zombies are real?
Jack: Well, no. Not really. It's kinda disappointing. But there are other monsters.
Eliot: Like what?
Jack: Oh, vampires, werewolves, shapeshifters -- I've seen one of those -- djinn, rugaru -- That's a funny name, yeah. Wraiths, sirens, demons, ghouls. All sorts of things.

Stacy: I feel bad for him.
Max: Same. I mean, living with a bunch of dudes. Their whole place must smell like beer, Kleenex, and... Old Spice.

Max: Do you ever, like, hang out?
Jack: Well, we have movie nights on Tuesdays. Dean usually picks. I've seen Lost Boys like 36 times.

Eliot: Do demons really look like this?
Jack: No. They don't have horns. They actually look like smoke, unless they've possessed a human, then they can look like me or you or anybody.

Jack: I like The Who.
Stacy: Who?
Max: Oh, my aunt listens to them. They're old.
Jack: Well, Dean says any music made after 1979 'sucks ass.'

Dean: We hunt things. Fight things and kill things people don't understand. So, Kohonta. Talk.
Sheriff Romero: I didn't think it was real. The Kohonta was a tribal legend, an old story. I haven't heard about it since I was a kid. But then I saw it the night Barbara was killed.

Dean: So what the hell is this thing?
Sheriff Romero: It's not a what. Who. The Parker family, they were some of the first white settlers around here. They set a homestead up in these woods -- the cabin.
Sam: And then?
Sheriff Romero: Things went bad. It was a hard winter. Their oldest son, Henry, survived but he did things.
Dean: What kind of things? Like Donner Party?

Sheriff Romero: They say that boy not only ate his family, they said he went mad with hunger. He went after my people, and then when my tribe caught him, they... Killing him would have been too easy. They wanted that boy to suffer. For his crimes against our people, crimes against nature. They cursed him. He's doomed to roam the woods always starving. And if he didn't feed his body would eat itself. The Kohonta aren't born. They're made.

Dean: Well, it's a good thing. Like I said, we hunt these things.

Dean: Knowing about monsters and fighting 'em are two different things.
Sheriff Romero: So you make that choice for everybody? Imagine telling them. Imagine the lives you could save.
Dean: No. No. It doesn't work like that. People die. Even when they know how to fight, people still die.

Dean: Whoa. That was like full-on "Raiders."

Dean: So, telling the kid -- you think that's the best idea?
Sam: What? You don't?
Dean: It doesn't make his life any better, you know? Do what we always do. When in doubt, lie.

Sam: And do you think you really took care of it the right way?
Dean: Jack said he was fine.
Sam: Yeah. He's a kid. And when we were kids, how many times did we tell Dad that we were fine just to make him happy?

Dean: This hunt, we, we didn't want you coming along because we didn't want you using them.
Sam: Not yet. Not for now. You know, you just got 'em back, Jack. We want to make sure you're comfortable with them again before you.
Dean: Before you go all X-Men.

Dean: It was crappy of us not to tell you. You know, we were trying to be nice. 'Cause we care about you. But because we care about you, you deserve the truth.
Sam: You understand that? Jack?
Jack: I understand. I won't use my powers without permission. Promise.

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