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First Impressions Review: 14x17 "Game Night"

Finally all caught up! Woot!!!! \0/

Hee! Dean's frustration over playing Mousetrap, which used to be his favorite game as a kid, according to Mary. And like I said on Twitter...I'll forgive Dean's dislike of pineapple on pizza 'cause he's from the Mid-West. I honestly think it's mostly us West Coast folks who truly like and appreciate the fruit on our pizza. A good Hawaiian pizza is very good and very West Coast IMO. ;)

Sam: I should be there with you!
Dean: It's fine!
Sam: No, it's not!

Aw, Sam's really worried about Dean & Mary going off alone to check on Donatello. More fallout from Michael killing all the hunters in the Bunker?

SNOW!!!!! Yep, filmed in early February when the Pacific Northwest got hit by a bunch of the white stuff!

Love how Dean senses right away that Nick is lying to them. And as it turns out, his instincts were right...again. And Sam attacking Nick in the Bunker hallway. RAWR!!! And then Dean pulls him and away, saying "Not yet.". Awesome stuff. :)

I get Sam feeling responsible for Nick...and he sort of should. But Cas is the one that just let Nick walk out of the Bunker! And Mary's right...Nick's choices are his own. Sam did feel he deserved a 2nd chance. Nick's the one who got obsessed with revenge for his dead family and went all psycho in the process...no doubt due to Lucifer possessing him for so many years. It seems to have tainted Nick to continue carrying out evil actions.

I do love watching Dean punch Nick while he's locked up in the dungeon. Hit him again!!! *iz evil* :P
So Nick wants to talk to "his son"...which is all a ploy to get Jack's blood which Nick later uses in a spell to summon Lucifer from the Empty. But he sure took a chance...after Jack heals himself he looks ready to kill Nick right then and there.

So Nick got the angel grace from demons? What they just have some lying around in storage? Why???

Awesome fight scenes here, between Sam & Nick and Dean & the demons.
Oh, Sam! Why didn't you keep on choking Nick??? It's Jake at the end of Season 2 all over again! I mean I love Sam's good nature and wanting to give people 2nd chances, but Nick is a friggin' murderer! Enough is enough man! Kill him!!!!!

Damn! Nick hits Sam in the head with that rock TWICE! Ouch!!! :(
And Sam getting back in the Impala and locking the ONE door. Uh, at least lock the driver's door, too Sam!
And then he honks the horn as a call for help to Dean. ♥♥♥

Continuity Error! Yep, I'm good at these. ;)
Dean kills the last demon with the angel blade and shoves him down to the floor. Then he looks at Donatello, says, "Let's go" and starts moving out of the room...and away from the demon on the floor with the angel blade in his chest. Next shot is of Dean going outside, angel blade in hand. Hmmm...

Yeah, I was totally cheering Jack on when he was burning Nick from the inside out. Die Nick! Die!!!!

OMG Dean trying to get Sam to count and Sam saying, "You always put me first. Your whole life." Gawd! Boys!!!!! *cries*

Jack heals Sam! Yay!!!! :D
He returns to Mary and she's upset over the way he killed Nick. Jack wants her to leave him alone and he's in some kind of distress/pain. His eyes light up and we go to black with Jack whispering, "Mary!". Something happened! Is she dead? :(

Final Thoughts:

Now we're back to the intense SPN episodes I know and love! The last couple have been a little lacking in that area. Good to see the show back on track for these last few episodes of the season. :)

Please let Nick be dead at last! He's evil. He needs to be GONE! Him and Lucifer need to be GONE FOR GOOD!
[Spoiler (click to open)]Though I see Nick is talking to Jack in the next episode promo. What. The. Hell??? It better be a dream or vision or something!

The brother-caring-moments!!!! I LOVE them Sooooo MUCH! I'm gonna miss these the most when the show ends. Wah!!! :(

So there's another amulet! That's cool. Does't look quite the same. Didn't work either. Heh.
So is Jack's soul really gone? I don't think so. He showed remorse for killing Stacy in the previous ep. He still cares about Sam, Dean, Cas, & Mary. There's gotta be something left.


Mary: How about you? Feeling better?
Jack: Everybody keeps asking me that.
Mary: We're family. It's our job.
Jack: Well, it's annoying.

Castiel: Jack killed Michael.
Sister Jo: Good night, sweet prince.

Sister Jo: The Winchesters -- they don't know you're here do they?
Castiel: Why do you say that?
Sister Jo: Oh, I don't know, just the general reek of ill-conceived lone-wolf desperation.

Mary: But I should've been here more. But I know how I am. I can be closed off and hard.
Dean: Yeah, well, that's where I get it from.
Mary: Listen. I just need you to know I'm grateful for every day I get to spend with you and Sam.

Mary: No one's making excuses, but -- you gave him a chance because you felt for him because you're a good man. You are. It's one of the reasons I'm so proud of you.

Castiel: No. You'll tell me, or I'll burn this place to the ground and you with it.
Methuselah: Kiddo, how old am I? Go for it. Put me out of my misery.

Sister Jo: We're all lonely, because we're all alone. From ant to lion to human to angel. Every last one of us.
Castiel: You know, He does meddle. God reached down, and He brought me back to life.
Sister Jo: So He saves one angel and watches millions of people die screaming, every day. What does that say about Him?

Nick: I get you, Dean. You and me, we're almost like brothers, you know. Michael, you, Lucifer me -- we both know what it's like to be hog-tied to a nuclear warhead, man.

Nick: He loved you. You know that? He did. I felt it. He loved you so much and you broke his heart. Of course, I'm talking about the old you. You with a soul. Yeah. Kermit the Prophet told me all about your sitch. What's that like, not having a soul? Must be relaxing.

Dean: Look, you try anything funny, Sammy's gonna shoot you. Anything happens to me --
Nick: Wait. Let me guess. Sammy's gonna shoot me.
Sam: Yeah, to start.

Sam: You're trying to communicate with someone? Who?
Nick: Search your feelings, Sam.

Nick: Come on, Sam. Nobody stays dead anymore. You know that.

Sam: You -- you always, always put -- You always put me first. Your whole life.

Jack: Mary. Nick he was a bad person, a killer. I had to stop him.
Mary: Not like that.
Jack: He deserved it.

Mary: If Sam and Dean saw what you did, they would be as worried as I am.
Jack: Are you gonna tell them?
Mary: You need help, we'll help you. We're your family.
Jack: You can't.
Mary: We care about you, Jack.

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