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Just 'Cause - 12x07 Cap Lottery

This cap is from 12x07 "Rock Never Dies".
Click to see the full-sized caps.

Our 2nd Cap Lottery pick is for jj1564, who chose #427!
YOU! Choosing the last cap of the set! I see your strategy! ;)
We get this gorgeous cap of Sam at the very end of the episode as he laments the loss of Vince Vincente & the fans who will mourn.

  • Had a slightly busy Monday. Sad over the beautiful Notre Dame Cathedral burning in Paris. All that history & architecture being destroyed! Thankfully, much of the art & treasures were saved, and I'm even seeing where most of the glorious stained glass windows survived the blaze!
  • SPN Name That Cap Challenge 6 - Day 54
  • LJ is Celebrating it's 20th anniversary. They've got a cool "card" thing you can post w/your journal's statistics.
Have a good Tuesday folks. *hugs*
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