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Which Caps are most important to you?

In preparation for the upcoming SPN Hiatus, I've been thinking of what projects I want/need to work on over the next 5 or so months. Tonight I compiled a list of 30 videos to screencap!

The question is NOT "Do I want to cap these, even if nobody else wants them?". Because I want the caps myself. No, the question is...what order do I do all of these in???

To give you a rough idea of what types of videos these are:

- J2 on various talk shows from 2017 & 2018
- Hillywood's SPN Parody 2 & their other videos for it
- Various SPN Production videos...such as Jensen Directing, Making the 200th ep & "Scoobynatural", etc.
- Several EW videos of the SPN cast
- Nerd HQ SPN Panels from 2015 & 2016
- SDCC SPN Panel Videos from 2015 & 2016
- A handful of misc. type videos (again, all SPN Cast related)

How would you rate these categories above, in order of importance?
Please comment & give me a rating for each category out of 7.
For example: Hillywood (1 of 7), Nerd HQ (2 of 7), etc.
Use the underlined words above for listing purposes.

If you have any questions, just let me know & Thank You so much for your help!!! :D

Tags: adventures in screencapping, help, supernatural
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