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SPN Hiatus: Gearing Up

Now that we're officially in summer hiatus from the show, I've finally got my butt in gear and am planning out my projects for the next several months.

After many months I finally finished sorting/deleting the 13x19 Highlight Caps. Believe me, this was no small feat! There were originally over 1,400 caps! Ugh! I'm usually okay with the step of sorting/deleting, but when there's that many caps it's a humongous chore! So I kept putting it off. Not a good idea, I know. But now with hiatus, I knew I needed to get it done. So I'll be posting them soon! :)

I also Highlight Capped 13x22 and it's the first time I've capped an episode since last Sept. sCo_blink
My hands cramped up a bit, but at least I didn't overcap that episode, only 1,180 caps. Phew!

Here's what I've got planned:
-- Getting the Season 14 Locations done for spn_locations
-- Posting Season 10 Highlight Caps (finally!)
-- Finish posting Season 13 Highlight Caps [13x19 thru 13x23]
-- Resume posting Season 7 Beginnings & Endings Caps
-- Prepare Season 10 Perfectly Timed Credits Caps
-- Get back to fixing my old VanCon photos (2012 thru 2018)

I'm sure there's things I'm forgetting right now, but this is the bulk of it.

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