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SPN Revealed S1: The Ultimate All Episodes Post

Think you know every SPN episode inside and out? So did I, but a new HDTV with a great picture and sound changed all that. I started to see things that I'd never noticed before. After a while I decided to make a list of all the things big and small that I came across, episode by episode.

I'd like to think of this as an in-depth look into Supernatural. It's a collection of interesting observations, continuity errors, goofs, filmmaking techniques, statistics, important (or not so important) information, trivia, and anything else that struck me as unusual.

A few important notes...

Over the run of these S1 SPN Revealed posts, I was asked how I'm so good at spotting continuity errors and other little happenings in the episodes. The simple answer is that I'm a Script Supervisor (also known as Continuity in England). I've only worked on a few college student films and an independent film, but I know the job well. The Script Supervisor does a lot, but the basic job description is to keep track of continuity during filming, everything from hair & make-up, to props and lighting. On the set, you have to catch everything you can - quickly. The difference with doing this to SPN episodes is that I can take my time, back up the video countless times, and even look frame by frame.

I don't hunt down these instances to be critical of the SPN crew. I know even from my limited experience how hard they work every week and I have the utmost respect for them. But it's interesting what little mistakes get by even a professional crew. It's also interesting to continue to find new elements to these episodes that many of us have seen dozens of times.

Get Involved: I'm always open to continuity errors, etc. spotted by others. If you see something that I don't have in a post, drop me a comment in the post or a PM, and I'll look into it. If I can confirm it and include it in that episode's post, I'll give you credit for the find.

For this reason, these posts will occasionally be updated. I'll post about the changes when they occur.

All the caps in these posts are my own. While most of these will not be suitable for other uses, due to my cropping and highlighting, you're free to take any that you like. All I ask is that you give me credit for them. Thanks! :D

You'll notice I used images of each episode's MOTW or antagonist for the links. Text links are also included for those of you who are blocking images or on dial-up.

1x01 Pilot
1x02 Wendigo
1x03 Dead In The Water
1x04 Phantom Traveler
1x05 Bloody Mary || 1x05 Mirror Count
1x06 Skin
1x07 Hook Man
1x08 Bugs
1x09 Home
1x10 Asylum
1x11 Scarecrow
1x12 Faith
1x13 Route 666
1x14 Nightmare
1x15 The Benders
1x16 Shadow
1x17 Hell House
1x18 Something Wicked
1x19 Provenance
1x20 Dead Man's Blood
1x21 Salvation
1x22 Devil's Trap

A big, huge thank you to everyone who has enjoyed and commented to these SPN Revealed posts. I had no idea they would become as big as they did, with people asking me over and over again if I was going to go on from week to week and if I was planning on doing S2. Rest assured I am going to do S2 (and all the remaining seasons of SPN) for as long as I am able. I began this series of posts simply because I started to see things in the episodes that I hadn't seen before and I thought others would be as interested as I was. Your overwhelming response has been all the confirmation that I needed. THANK YOU!!!! :D

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