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LJ Layout Issue!

Happened to discover a weird LJ Layout issue tonight.
Thankfully, it's only showing up on the Chrome & Opera Beta browsers (at least for me).
I checked it out in Safari, Firefox, Opera, Vivaldi, & Yandex browsers and everything looks fine on them.

The issue is having thumbnail images in an LJ post that are no longer nice and neat within the confines of the layout, but spill over in a horizontal line to the right, causing a scroll bar to appear at the bottom of the page.

Like this...Ugh!

So I apologize to anyone looking at my big image posts on my LJ or hurtwinchesters or spn_locations on the Chrome or Opera Beta browsers. Hopefully, they will update their code or whatever & those thumbnails will get back in line!

Until then, I hope you use other browsers to view LJ that don't have this issue! :)
Tags: livejournal, my lj comm, rant, technology, what the hell?
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