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Video & Caps: SPN S15 - Last Ride

Oh, boy! Our first real look at the last season!

Dialog from the Video:

Dean: "It makes you think, of all of it, of everything we've done...what did it even mean?"

Chuck: "I can see it now. Supernatural: The End. And the cover? Is just a gravestone? It says...Winchester."

Dean: "That's Chuck's ending? No. After everything that he has put us through, I'll be damned if I'm gonna let some glorified fanboy get the last word."

Sam: "This feels bigger than us. You know? And, and I'm out of ideas."

Dean: "Sammy, please. Please."

Becky: "You can't do this to the fans. It's awful. Horrible. Hopeless!"

Chuck: "I can do anything. I'm a writer."
Chuck: "Fans are gonna love it."

Alright, did anyone else feel that Dean often looks totally lost & defeated in a lot of this promo? Sam, meanwhile...he looks downright scary in a couple shots. Return of Lucifer?
The Highlights: Boys as FBI - Bloody Mary - Code Red in the Bunker - THE COLT IS BACK!!!! - 3 Flashbacks: Lucifer, AU!Michael, Sam possessed by Lucifer - Dean tied to a chair w/an IV line w/blood - Shriveled up body next to kneeling Cas - Boys looking defeated in the Bunker - Rowena - cool, but creepy ring - Dean walking thru Bobby' old junkyard? - OMG Hipster Hunter Dean fighting in the Bunker! - THE MARK IS BACK ON DEAN'S ARM!!!! - Forcefield??? - Horn of Gabriel? - Who did Dean shoot w/the Colt? And why does he look so lost??? - Evil or possessed Sammy? - ADAM!!!!! - Who cut Dean's beautiful face??? I want names!!!! - CHRIS KANE!!!! - The Texas Impalas!!! - Sam in the white suit! - Who is kneeling on the ground with Dean behind them w/a big machete? And who's behind Dean? I can see their legs.

I've watched this thing like 6, 7 times now and WHOAH! I'm so excited and worried.
Twenty episodes. I'm not ready to say goodbye!

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