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First Impressions Review: 15x01 "Back And To The Future"

Alright, now that I'm officially caught up with my reviews...

I'm actually going to try and do the reviews for Season 15 differently. The goal, to keep them fairly short. Yes, I realize I've tried this in the past and failed, but I'm really going to try this time. For one thing, I'm going to cut down on the quotes. I mean, I just look them up on SuperWiki anyway. I'll include a few, or ones that SuperWiki won't list, but I'll try to keep the quotes to a minimum.

Ok, let's get to the season premiere! The last one. *wah*

Overall, I thought it was pretty good. It helps that technically it's the 2nd installment in a 3 episode saga (the first being 14x20 and the last being 15x02). I did feel it dragged a bit in spots...lots of Cas & Sam searching through houses & such, but my opinion of that will probably change after repeated viewings.

LOVE that we've already got a new character, Belphegor (which is a mouthful so I'm gonna call him Belphy for short!). *g* Anyway, I like Belphy! Great to see Alex portray a totally different character. Of course I'm also kind of leery about this convenient demon who is hitching a ride in poor Jack's body. What is he getting out of helping Cas & the boys? How does he know all these spells, especially since he's not a special demon (even by his own admission!). Not sure I trust that he doesn't have an ulterior motive to be revealed later, but I still enjoy him.

So the Boys survived the zombies, thanks to Belphy. They only had to deal with 4 ghosts/spirits in Harlan, Kansas. What the hell was with that??? Four? Ok, 5 if you count Constance. Why wasn't there more? Especially considering the town apparently was near the cemetery where they all popped up? Honestly, when Cas, Sam, & the mother & daughter were running towards that force field I couldn't help but laugh. And why didn't Cas & Sam have some salt on them to do a protective circle? Sheesh!

WTH was that flash of evil Sammy when Cas tried to heal that non-bullet wound??? Whoah! That was cool and very disconcerting! Did Sam see that??? Cas obviously didn't. What does it mean???

Oh, and Hello Ladner! I'd know that place anywhere. Been there at least 3 or 4 times myself. SPN has filmed there so much over the years, though it has been a while. :D

Alright, I really liked Belphy bringing up Dean torturing souls in hell. Why? Because I have an (unfounded) hunch that possibly someone is going to show up who Dean tortured in hell....perhaps to dish out some revenge on Alastair's student. In fact, I've always been meaning to write a fanfic of this. I've got it written in my head, but it's not typed out anywhere. Is show gonna beat me to it?

I'm sure people are gonna find fault with some things in this ep, like Bloody Mary working differently and all that. We never heard the girls say the name 3 times in the mirror after all and since when did one of her victims claw at their face like that? Well...what I figure is...Chuck threw out the rulebook on everything when he unleashed hell. I mean, it's his universe, right? He can do anything he wants with it.

Which is why I'm wondering why Sam would say Chuck is gone. How do they know he's gone? He admitted he's been watching them all these years! I don't think he's gone at all - just watching and waiting.

I was waiting all episode for Dean to tend to Sam's wound! So sweet that we got a brotherly moment & memory along with it. Seems perfectly logical that Dean would distract a young Sammy with a joke! Awww. I love it! :D

Dean: Just when we thought we had a choice. You know, whenever we thought we had free will. We were just rats in a maze. Sure, we could go left. Sure, we could go right. But we were still in the damn maze. Just makes you think, if all of it you know, everything that we've done What did it even mean?
Sam: It meant a lot. We still saved people.

Sam: That's what He does, He gets bored and-and-and pulls the ripcord. I mean that's what He did with Apocalypse World, and-and probably with all of them. He moves on and starts another story. You know what? Good. 'Cause if He bailed, it's just us. For the first time, it's just us.
Dean: Yeah, and about 3 billion ghosts.
Sam: Yeah, well what's one more apocalypse, right? But seriously, if we win -- when we win this, God's gone. There's no one to screw with us, there's no more maze, there's just us. And we're free.
Dean: So, you and me versus every soul in Hell? I like those odds. And you know what that means?
Sam: We got work to do.

Gah! And then then they did that brief flashback to the boys at the end of the Pilot and closing the trunk!!!! ♥ :)

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