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First Impressions Review: 15x02 "Raising Hell"

Watched this episode a 2nd time because I felt I wasn't giving it a fair viewing the first time since it was super late & I was tired.

My opinion of the episode improved a little, but not much.

A quick look back at 15x01, because I was curious how much time was spent on these 2 scenes that seemed to take forever.

15x01 Timings

2 min 28 sec of mom & daughter running from clown ghost

2 min. of Sam & Cas searching houses before Sam finds woman & daughter in the garage

So that's 4 and a half minutes that really should have been kept to at least 2 minutes, tops IMO. Moving on!

Oh, look a night scene! Btw, the woman was stabbed 5 times.
Disembowel…uh, nope! That means to remove the organs. Not even close!

Belphy: “It’s hell, it’s not a day-spa!”
He's not wrong. LOL

Where is the GaceyClown ghost? Or Bloody Mary? Or the Woman In White? They were all over the first ep, but nowhere to be seen in the 2nd.

So Ketch was sent by another demon to kill Belphy because he’s a “monstrous threat on humanity”.
Yeah, Dean is definitely suspicious now.

WTH is up with the sheep or goat bleating in the background while Ketch & Dean are out on patrol at night. Btw, I almost forgot they had this night scene! Anyway, the bleating totally made me laugh. Did a ghost possess a goat??? "Let me o-o-out!"

How did Ketch get possessed by Francis? He was wearing the iron chain necklace when he was knocked out with the rock (yes, I checked). And it was on underneath his jacket & the strap for the rifle, it couldn’t have slipped off easily when he fell down.

Btw, the whole Ketch & Rowena romance stuff. NO. Absolutely NO! Ugh!
I also timed that whole awkward, uncomfortable innuendo scene between the 2 of them? 2 friggin' minutes of that crap!

Overall, this episode left me more disappointed than the season premiere. Are we ever going to move on from Harlan though? Get back to the Bunker? Looks like we're still there in the next episode, too. *sigh*

Alright, here's what I liked in the ep:
+ Ketch was finally back & not being talked about or shot in a video conversation.
+ Always nice to see Rowena again.
+ Kevin!!!! Sad that he never ended up in Heaven where he belonged & has chosen to stay on Earth & probably go crazy. Can't he go hang out with his mom though?
+ Seeing Chuck & Amara was a nice surprise! So I guess the sibling reunion didn't go so great after all? She's already tired of him. Loved seeing her identify what was wrong w/him and leaving him trapped just like he did with her. Payback's a bitch, ain't it Chuck?

Chuck: Amara, we've been all through this. We belong together.
Amara: Yes. Yes, yin, yang, balance of nature. I am willing to coexist with You, brother, in the universe. Just not, you know, anywhere near You.
Chuck: Hey, don't test me. I front the group. You sing backup.
Amara: Oh, really? Because You're "God"? Even on Your best day, You couldn't force my hand. And this is not Your best day. In fact, I don't think You can do much of anything. Ah, a few parlor tricks, perhaps, but You can't leave this world, not without my help. And me? I'm done, Chuck. I've changed. I've adapted. I've become the better me. And You? You are still the same -- petulant, narcissistic. So I'm leaving You here. Once, long ago, You sealed me away. Now, in a way, I'm doing the same to You. You're trapped, diminished, abandoned. So I guess You got what You've always wanted. You're on Your own.

+ Really loved that scene with Cas & Dean.

Castiel: You're angry.
Dean: Yes, I am angry. At everything. All of it.
Castiel: All of it?
Dean: This mess, all the messes. It turns out that we're just hamsters running in a wheel our whole lives. What do we have to show for it, huh? Tell me you don't feel conned. God's been lying to you, Cas, forever. You bought into the biggest scam in history.
Castiel: Even if we didn't know that all of the challenges that we face were born of Chuck's machinations, how would we describe it all? We'd call it "life." Because that's precisely what life is. It's an obstacle course, and maybe Chuck designed the obstacles, but we ran our own race. We made our own moves. And mostly, we did well with that.
Dean: Did we? I'll tell you what we do know. Nothing about our lives is real. Everything that we've lost, everything that we are is because of Chuck. So maybe you can stick your head back in the sand, maybe you can pretend that we actually had a choice. I can't.
Castiel: Dean. You asked, "What about all of this is real?" We are.

But if Dean is feeling like nothing they did was their choice, why do anything now? How does he know Chuck isn't still controlling them? And I still love Dean, but I don't get him being all upset/sad about Jack being dead when he was the one who wanted Jack dead near the end of Season 14 for killing Mary! Make up your mind, dude!
+ Finding out that Chuck & Sam's wounds are connected was pretty cool.

Outside of all that...it was pretty lackluster. Too much daylight, too much other characters (these writers tend to overload their eps w/characters), not enough actual, scary ghosts, and in the end...nothing much has changed! The town is still in danger, the spell keeping in the ghosts is gonna fade & more are on the way. Again, I'm frustrated that we haven't been able to change locations or move on to another storyline.

Bring on next week!

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