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First Impressions Review: 15x03 "The Rupture"

Sorry this is so late! *sigh*

You gotta wonder why the little group wasn’t attacked by the ghosts until they entered the crypt. Why did the ghosts wait? They walked right past the rift.

Love it when the boys have a whole silent conversation about the flask Dean’s carrying which Sam gives to Rowena! :P

Dean: I'm not gonna give up. That's what I'm doing. Not just gonna sit in this crypt and wait for the walls to come down.
Sam: You heard Rowena.
Dean: Yeah, I heard her, okay. Ghosts are gonna bust out, and their gonna swallow this world. And you wanna what, just relax? Take a knee? No. No, we're gonna end this, Sam. Like you said. We're gonna be free.

These boys flip-flop quickly! I know...nothing new! In the season-opener, Sam was the confident one, while Dean was questioning things. Now Dean is all gung-ho to not quit and Sam is wondering if they can stop anything.

Yeah, Sam…not buying the whole “me too” about being pissed at God.

Belphy: That’s the longest you’ve ever looked me in the eyes.
Cas: You don’t have eyes!
Belphy: True.


I get that Cas is a little hurt over Dean “volunteering” him to bodyguard Belphy on his trip to hell, but who else was gonna go? All the rest of them already had their assigned jobs.

Some hospital! Ketch pushes Ardat the demon through a window, shattering it and nobody comes to investigate???

Aw, Ketch. What a way to go. The boys will never know that he remained loyal to them til the end.

What is that weird red light reflected on Belphy’s sunglasses just before he & Cas jump into the rift?
Ha! I do love that Cas pushes him in!

So how did Ardat find where the group was? GPS on Arthur’s phone? Or did she text more to Dean in the guise of Ketch than what we saw?

Aw, I love Sam being worried about Dean and not being outside of the crypt to help him.

Ah, ha! Ardat tells Cas (about Belphagor) “Do you have any idea what he is?”. Confirming that he’s been lying to them this whole time and is definitely more than just a common demon.

Perhaps the biggest question of the whole episode is how Cas (who admits to Dean in the final scene that his powers have been failing) was able to overpower & kill Belphagor when he had already sucked up a bunch of spirits & demons to basically become a god. Like, Belphy didn’t even put up a fight! Is there more to his plan? Divide Cas from the Winchesters? Hmmm….

Poor Cas though…having to melt Jack’s body to a shriveled up corpse. :(

Ok, I’ve watched Rowena’s death 3 times now and it still doesn’t get to me emotionally like I know it has so many others. I guess because it was such a noble death? Like Ketch, she died to protect not only the boys, but the world - making the ultimate sacrifice. Something neither she, nor Ketch would’ve done when we first met them. What a wonderful character arc they’ve gone through over the years! So I guess I feel that Rowena’s death is…satisfying? She went out much like her son did, doing good instead of bad. Yay for redemption arcs!

Lovely music cue as Rowena falls into the rift.

Seriously, Dean? You think it’s over? I’m not so sure…
Meanwhile...Dean in a HENLEY!!!!!! :D

Ok, the big break-up scene…

Castiel: The plan changed, Dean. Something went wrong. You know this. Something always goes wrong.
Dean: Yeah, why does that something always seem to be you?
Castiel: You used to trust me, give me the benefit of the doubt. Now you can barely look at me. My powers are failing, and -- and I've tried to talk to you, over and over and you just don't want to hear it. You don't care. I'm... dead to you. You still blame me for Mary. Well, I don't think there's anything left to say.
Dean: Where you going?
Castiel: Jack's dead. Chuck's gone. You and Sam have each other. I think it's time for me to move on.

I get it. Dean’s angry at God & angry at Cas because of Mary’s death (which only happened a week ago in show time). But he’s so unwilling to listen to Cas’s explanation of what happened. I mean, Dean had his own doubts about Belphagor, but went along with him as long as he seemed to be working in their best interests. Well, Cas was there when the demon turned, but Dean isn’t willing to take his word for it because he no longer trusts Cas. But…why would he lie over such a thing? Bah! I don’t know…I still can’t work it all out (as you can see).

If you truly keep it simple: Dean is just hurting and angry and he feels he can’t trust Cas anymore about anything. The sad thing is that Cas has figured all this out for himself. He really has no other choice but to leave. He’s not trusted or wanted (by Dean anyway), it’s time to find his own way. In other words…You’ve got your brother, you don’t need me. It’ll be interesting to see if their friendship gets healed before the end of the season - it would be nice. Wonder if Sam will still communicate with Cas behind Dean’s back. I mean, I don’t think Sam blames him for Mary’s death. I hope so - I like their friendship!

Soooo very happy we're finally out of Harlan! Geez. Thought we were never going to move on.
Very much looking forward to where the boys will be going now, what guests will be coming back (and or possibly being killed off), and what direction we'll be going into the half-way point of the season.

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