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First Impressions Review: 15x04 "Atomic Monsters"

I've only watched the episode once with a spotty 2nd viewing, so this will probably be short.

What can I say about the opening that hasn't already been said?
It's brilliant, epic, badass, & exciting! I mean....da-yum! Bearded, scarf-wearing Dean taking out demons in the Bunker hallways left & right? YES, please! Perfectly shot & executed! This takes me back to some of those awesome fights from Season 12 in the Bunker with Ketch & the boys (remember Dean's slide across the floor?). Awesome stuff! :D

So surprised & happy to see Benny once again, even though it was short-lived. Love ya Benny!
And man! Evil Sam is so deliciously hot! And I'm a Dean girl! :P
But yay! It was all just a dream....or was it??? lol

I'm with others in the fandom...since when doesn't Sam like bacon? I know he's kind of a health nut, but still... Remember that scene with the boys & Mary eating bacon? Didn't he eat some then? Oh, well. People can change their ways. We all do it.

Not gonna talk about the school stuff too much, because honestly, that was kind of boring compared to the rest. I did get a kick out of Dean talking to the Beaver mascot though.

Great to have Becky back, but then I always liked the character. I'm glad she's moved on and gotten married with 2 kids. But of course, SPN is still a huge part of her life. She just doesn't obsess over Sam anymore. :P And I like that Chuck went to see her because it shows that he realizes something IS wrong.

Becky: Well, sorry, that's not me anymore, Chuck. I am married to an amazing man, I have two great kids, and I like myself, Chuck. For the first time in a long time, I like myself. So I don't need you.
Chuck: I know. You don't need me. No one does. I'm happy for you Becky, that you like yourself. Because I kind of hate me right now.

That's not an evil being talking there. He has remorse. So what is really going on with Chuck anyway? Sometimes he seems like his old self and other times he's an evil jerk.

Loved that Jensen's new song got put into the episode, though...another confession - I haven't heard any of his & Steve's debut album yet. And it was such a short sample, I'm not sure how I feel about it. But it was cool that it's there on Jensen's last directing job for the show.

Chuck: This is just an ending. Yeah. I don't know how I'm gonna get there, but I know where I'm goin'.
Becky: B-But it's so dark.
Chuck: But great, right? I can see it now "Supernatural: The End". And the cover is just a gravestone that says "Winchester". The fans are gonna love it. Well?
Becky: It's awful! Horrible. It's hopeless. You can't do this to the fans. What you did to Dean? What you did to Sam?
Chuck: There, see? It's making you feel something. That's good, right?

So, Chuck...as with the writers, know what the show's ending is. How they get there is another matter.
Sounds a little scary. Dark? How dark? I mean, I love it when the show goes that path, but how dark are we talkin' here? Does one of the brothers die? Both? Gotta say, a gravestone doesn't sound good.

On the other hand...Chuck writing on the laptop is giving me flashbacks to Metatron writing on that typewriter and predicting the future of the boys. That didn't exactly work out the way he planned. Maybe the boys will surprise Chuck, too!

On Twitter, it sounded like a lot of people thought Chuck killed Becky and her family, but he told her "They’re not dead. They’re just away." - whatever that means.

And you can't beat an episode with a brotherly heart-to-heart scene in the car. I mean, remember back in earlier seasons when the boys weren't talking about what was going on with one another? I hated that. So glad they're on the same page!

Dean: Look, man I get it. I get it. We've lost, way, way too much. And it's hard not to feel like just cashing out. I felt like that, after Chuck back at the crypt. But you know what brought me back? You did. Saying that what we do still matters. I mean that's why I dragged us out here, that's why I wanted to work a case. To save lives. You know? Because it is, it's a crap job. We do the ugly things so the people can live happy.
Sam: Yeah. Yeah, lucky them.
Dean: Yeah, lucky them. But it doesn't change a thing. You know what I mean? We still do the job. But we don't do it for us. We do it for Jack, or Mom. For Rowena. We owe it to anybody that has ever given a damn about us to keep putting one foot in front of the other, no matter what. Hey, man like you said, now that Chuck's gone, we're finally on our own. We're finally free to move on, you know?
Sam: I don't know. I-I don't know if I can move on. You know, I-I-I-I can't forget any of them. Dean, I still think about Jessica. I-I can't just let that go.
Dean: No, man, that's not what I'm talking about.
Sam: I know, I know, I know. I'm sorry. I know. But... But what I'm saying is that I don't feel free. What we've done, what we've lost, right now, that is what I'm feeling, and and sometimes it's Sometimes it's like I-I-I can't even breathe. But maybe tomorrow. You know, maybe I'll I'll feel better in the morning.
Dean: And what if you don't?
Sam: I don't know.

Aw, poor Sammy! But he's got Dean there to keep him going. ♥

And Chuck just keeps writing at Becky's laptop...

Really liked this episode! Jensen did an amazing job, as always. You'd never guess they filmed this first. Everybody's well into character and everything.

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