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Capping Issues

I feel as though I should apologize for the lack of posts around here, specifically, the lack of SPN Season 15 Screencaps.

I just finished downloading an upgrade of the VLC Player, which I use for capping. Oh, yay! New settings to learn. I'd also gotten a Hi-Res DL of SPN 15x05, which is rare for me because the files are usually so big and I just can't spare the internet data right now. But I found a smaller file size one and got it. After a bunch of experiments with the settings in VLC, I finally got some good looking caps.

And here I thought I'd figured out the settings on VLC for the season last month. Wrong!
Anyway, long story aside...I think I've got it all figured out. *hopes*
And I've only officially capped 15x01. *sigh*

So I'm super behind and it's bothering me.
But y'all are so patient with me. :)

But I'm also wondering: Am I going through all this for nothing?
I know there's some of you who download my caps. Thank you! *loves*
But am I trying to make the quality of my caps too good?
Am I putting far too much into caps that people will like no matter what I do?
Am I torturing myself over these caps far too much?

So many questions!

I've always prided myself on putting out the best screencaps I possibly can. Over the years, I've spent a lot of time trying different software and techniques to achieve this and I like to think I've been successful for the most part. I've also tried not to give you too many caps. Lots of other capping sites give you pretty much every image they can from a movie or TV episode. There's thousands of caps! I try not to do that if I can. I can't see having 10 caps of a moment/character that all look relatively alike. So I try to only capture images that are in focus, clear, and the best that I can get.

So what do you all think?
Do you want me to include more caps for each episode of SPN?

For example:
+++ I usually try to keep the Highlight Caps for each episode at under 1,000 caps (if at all possible).
+++ A full set of Episode Caps, which would include everything, could easily be over 1,000 or close to 2,000 caps.
+++ When I have Hi-Res Caps of an episode, I prefer to keep the initial set per episode at 100 caps or less. If there's more, I make an Extras set of caps.

I suppose this is all super confusing and I'm probably putting more work into this all than I should.
But I leave it all up to you folks.
What are your opinions?
You want bigger cap sets per episode or smaller?
Is the quality good or isn't it all that important to you?

I thank you for your time & help!

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