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SPN Season 15 Promo Collages

Nothing new here, but I'll hide it behind a cut for those of you who don't want to be spoiled. ;)

Not exactly sure why I made these collages of the Season 15 Promo "Last Ride", but I think it was to see which scenes we hadn't seen yet, which is getting quite small now. I figure there's only 2 episodes left from this promo [Spoiler (click to open)]based on Chris Kane being in 15x07 & Jake Abel being 15x08. But which of those eps has tied up Dean & Dean walking thru Bobby's junk yard all dejected [Which I somehow missed including in these collages! WTH? Cap is Here]?

// Click to view at full-size. //

SPNS15collage1 SPNS15collage2 

SPNS15collage3 SPNS15collage4 

SPNS15collage5 SPNS15collage6 

Tags: fanart, spoilers, supernatural, theories/speculation
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