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Video & Caps: SPN 15x09 Promo

Sadly, we've got nearly a month to wait for the next new episode, but this promo needed to be capped because of all the content!

* April 17, 2020 - That's a Friday, by the way. What's the significance???
* Chuck: "This is the truth, Sam. This is what comes next."
Sam: "No, it can't end like this."
* Sam & Eileen kissing!!!! :D
* NO BOBBY!!!! WHY?????? :(
* Is that Dean saying, "The monsters are everywhere"? Sounds like him. Purgatory?
* Why is Sam's shirt bloody???

:: Cap Size: 1280x720 :: Cap Total: 25 :: Sample Caps: 17 (plus 4 extras)
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View all the caps on SlickPic HERE.

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I tried to fix up the Purgatory caps a little more.


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