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First Impressions Review: 15x06 "Golden Time"

Finally getting caught up on my SPN episode reviews before the show returns with new episodes this Thursday.

Tried to keep this really short & just make note of my observations in bullet-form. Hope you like.

• How does this protection spell work in Rowena's place? 'Cause this gal has time to look around quite a bit before she dies.
• BTW the blood makeup below her eye isn't even close to touching her eye. Fail!
• Oooh! This blue shirt on Sam looks new. New to me anyway. :)
• Dean in that robe & hotdog pants! *loves*
• Do I love that Cas is going by the name Clarence? Yes, yes I do.
• You know what gets me? All this time Cas has spent on earth, even been human & done hunting on his own and...he's still walking around in a suit and trench coat ALL THE FRIGGIN' TIME!
• OMG there's a map there in the store for where I live!
• JOGGING SAM!!! ❤️❤️❤️
• Wow. Dean just doesn't want to do anything does he?

Sam: You know what, Dean, ever since God got back, you've been acting like there's nothing we can do, like nothing matters, but we can do this. Man, this matters.
Dean: And that's why you're gonna kick it in the ass.

• Aw, man! I know they've used this gas station before. Speaking of locations...I've gotta find that building they used for Rowena's apartment!
• Sam talking about his time in hell to Eileen. :(

Sam: I've been there, too -- uh, Hell. A long time ago. You try and forget, but it gets inside you. Talking helps.

• Continuity! There's a lot more blood on that dead gal's body now. And her ear wasn't bleeding before!
• BTW this episode is a who's who of past guest actors of the show & I love it!
• Geez. Why didn't Cas return Sam's calls? His beef is with Dean!
• That is the biggest map I've ever seen. Lol
BTW the map is pretty accurate, though there is no town of Jenny Lake. The town of Moose is totally real though!
• You gotta wonder if Sam was thinking "Don't get blood on the car! Don't get blood on the car!"
• Seriously Sam? Dean put super glue in your toothpaste? That sounds a little extreme.
• Hmmm. I think Cas worked out some of his anger issues while stabbing that djinn.

Castiel: It's always you -- you selfish little men in positions of authority. You take what you want, you take who you want. And you believe that your power will protect you. Well, it won't protect you from me.

• Love the big fight in the hallway! The baddies always wanna hurt Dean's heart! Smart Sam with the hex bag!
Castiel: "If I stay, nothing changes. It's time for me to get back in the game." Misha's eyes are so blue in this scene!
• Eileen's resurrection is pretty cool! So glad Sam got her back. ❤️
• Yeah, you're not the only one who's confused, Dean.

Sam: We have moves to make here, Dean. We do. I mean, do you think Chuck wanted me to shoot Him? Of course not.
Dean: You sure about that? Maybe that was part of the plan, you know? That's the thing, man. I don't know what's God and what isn't, and it's driving me crazy.
Sam: All I'm saying is we'll find a way to beat Him. We will. I don't know how yet, but we will 'cause we're the guys who break the rules. But I can't do it without you. I can't. Just like I couldn't do it today without you. I need my brother.

A really solid episode. I enjoyed it. :)

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