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First Impressions Review: 15x07 "Last Call"

Moving along to the next ep.

• This opening is kinda crappy. Why? Cause there's no way that car drove away without Sally noticing it. But it's just gone - boom! - without a sound. And we later learn this was done by a mere human so...I call foul.
• OK, seriously? I loved the flirting scene with Dean. Good to see him like that again after all these years.
• Did y'all see the FBBC beers and coasters? ;)
• All I could think when Cas "probed" Sam's God wound and he went flying into the wall was: Great! Dean finally gets out of the Bunker & Cas returns only to (nearly) kill Sam!!! Way to come back, Cas! LOL
• Hee! Dean sharing with Lee about the ghost sickness in "Yellow Fever".

Lee: Come on, boy. You can't just lip-sync "Eye of the Tiger" while no one's watching.

• I know some fans took issue with Dean singing so well. I look at it this way. We've seen Dean sing how many times? Three? Four? Not many. And demon!Dean doesn't count because he was drunk and was being annoying to the crowd. I think Dean has secretly always been able to sing, but he was uncomfortable letting Sam know about it. But Lee knew that he could really sing. That's why he invited him on stage. An added bonus was giving the fans a chance to hear Jensen sing. I'm totally okay with that, too. It's the last season and if they wanna give us gifts I'll take them. ;)
• Methinks they went a little crazy with the smoke machines in that wide shot of Dean in the junk yard. LOL Smoke coming from everywhere for no reason whatsoever!
• You're telling me they took Angela's car apart and never opened the trunk? Come on!
• Oooh. There's a key to Death's library. Cool!
• I Love smart & badass Cas! Where has he been all this time?

Lee: Dean, you and I both know no one's innocent. After everything we've done, aren't -- aren't we owed a little happiness, huh? Don't we deserve that much?
Dean: Listen to yourself. "We're owed." "We deserve." Come on, man. You're not God. Hell, God's not even God.
Lee: Good or bad... the world doesn't care. No one cares, Dean.
Dean: Well I do.

• Oh, yeah! Dean with a shotgun! I'm sorry, but that's hot! And I don't like guns. I'm a complex person, okay?
• Awesome fight scene. One of the show's best. Knowing poor Jensen actually got hurt by that cue stick hit to the arm just makes it even better. Damn. Such a tough kill for Dean, too. He thought he knew Lee.

Lee: Why do you care so much, Dean?
Dean: Because someone has to.

There's my hero!

• Sam knows Chuck's weak! They can beat him!!!! :D

Another good (and fun) episode. Great to see Dean finally get back in the game, even though he had to kill an old friend to get there. Goodness knows, over the years Dean has lamented how hunters never get paid, never get thanked, and more recently that he wished he and Sam could quit hunting and relax on a beach somewhere: "Sand between our toes, Sammy". But realizing the path Lee took, it's like Dean can see that what they do matters. Someone has to care, someone has to fight the evil.

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