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First Impressions Review: 15x08 "Our Father, Who Aren't In Heaven"

Yay! Caught up. :D

• Note that the waitress's name is Jessica. She brings Chuck/God a drink and later on Sam brings a drink to Queen of Hell, Rowena. Coincidence? I think not! ;)
• Ha. The giant pink elephant in the casino. The proverbial elephant in the room. So what is Chuck trying to avoid? The fact that his powers are diminished and his sister won't help him, perhaps?
• Aw. Sam being worried about Eileen hunting alone.
• Can't believe fans made such a big deal over Dean seemingly not knowing the term Achilles Heel. IMO he does know it, just wanted to give Sam a tough time about it and use "weak spot" instead.
• Uh, oh. Chuck possesses Donny and warns the guys to let this idea of using the demon tablet to lock him up, go. Or he'll "go all-powerful" and kill their friends. BUT Chuck doesn't know that the boys know that he isn't at full power!
• Kick-ass lady demons down in hell! "Are any of us winning?" LOL
• QUEEN ROWENA!!! Love her yelling at her minions and then giving a wink & smile to the guys.
• Rowena telling Dean & Cas to fix their tiff with one another. Go girl!
• Honestly, Jake Abel's return to the show deserves a whole paragraph, but I love this diner scene with Adam & Michael.
• Sweet little scene between the brothers as Dean encourages Sam to pursue a relationship with Eileen. ❤️❤️❤️

Dean: Look man, I didn't want to say anything cuz I was kind of in a bad place. And I didn't want to jinx it or whatever. But -- you know I tried the family thing, right?
Sam: Yeah, me too. That's not for us.
Dean: Not really. But I'm just saying if it was to work... Eileen. You know, she gets it. She gets us. She gets the life. She's hot.
Sam: Dean...I mean...
Dean: All I am saying is - you could do worse. Ok? And she could certainly do better! Like so much better. I am happy for you Sammy.

• Damn. Michael kills Lilith. And I really liked the way that actress portrayed her, too.
• Poor Donny. Being a prophet sucks big time.
• Awesome shot of the boys walking through that plastic curtain to meet with Michael!Adam.

Michael: You are asking me to trust you. You, who doomed me. You, who set Lucifer free while your own brother sat in Hell.
Sam: Doing what we do, we've had to get used to losing people. Probably too used to it. With Adam, we said goodbye because we thought we had to. We were wrong.
Michael: Oh, don't tell me. Tell him.
Adam: Hey, Sam. Dean.
Sam: Adam?
Dean: Wait, Mic-- Michael lets you... talk? I mean, lets you be?
Adam: Uh, yeah. In the Cage we came to an agreement. We only had each other.

• Yeah Jake just owns most of this episode. His separation between Michael & Adam is brilliant! It's nice that even though Adam can't forgive his brothers for abandoning him in the cage, he understands their cause and pleads their case to Michael.

Adam: So, I've been thinking. Maybe they're not lying. Hear me out. Sam and Dean try to be on the right side of things. They actually do. They tried to talk me out of taking you on, for example, out of all of this.
Michael: So, you forgive them?
Adam: Oh hell no! No. But that's not what this is about. It's -- Look, if they tell you something's off about God, it's because they believe it's true. And if they believe it, it probably is true.
Michael: You and I have been together for years. My Father and I have been together for eternity. I exist because He willed it.
Adam: So He's having a mid-eternity crisis. Or -- or maybe you don't know your dad as well as you think you do. The point is, parents keep secrets, right? Does it hurt to ask the question?
Michael: Yes! It would. It would mean that I doubt Him. The Good Son, the Favorite, doubts his Father.
Adam: You still care about that? After He left you in the Cage?

• Gah! Surprise Chuck!
• OK, if Michael could snap his fingers and open a doorway to Purgatory, what was the point of the handcuffs? Isn't that supposed to suppress his powers?

Dean: Adam, I want you to know... we are sorry. What happened to you... you're a good man. You didn't deserve that.
Adam: Since when do we get what we deserve? Good luck.

Really strong Mid-Season Finale. Though I will admit when I first watched it, I was a little torn over the cliff-hanger they left us with. But I'm okay with it now, especially knowing a bit more now of what the next episode will contain. Needless to say, it was amazing that they finally brought Adam back! Jake was simply outstanding! I hope we see Adam again before the show ends, though we probably won't.

Yes! I'm ready for new episodes now. :)

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