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Fade In, Fade Out: SPN's Beginnings & Endings - 7.08 Season Seven, Time For A Wedding!

If you miss any posts just use the SPN Beginnings & Endings Tag.

I'll try to post these every Wed & Fri, but I make no guarantees. Sometimes there will be more than one cap for a beginning or ending of an episode. I'm also using my capper's discretion - meaning I'm choosing the most aesthetically pleasing image that we see first or last not always literally the first or last things we see. I'll explain this as we go along.

:: Click on images for the HQ versions ::

7.08 Beginning: The episode begins with Dean at a strip club in Vegas where the boys are having their "sacred, annual pilgrimage" to Sin City. He tells the stripper that Sam has gone off to camp in the desert for 4 days instead. Then Dean gets a phone call from Sam...

7.08 Ending: By episode's end, Sam's marriage to Becky is annulled, Garth says goodbye to the boys, and after Dean admits that Sam is a grown-up and really doesn't need him anymore, Sam says, "I mean, you basically have been looking out for me your whole life. Now you finally get to take care of yourself. About time, huh?". Dean takes a moment before he gets in the car and they drive away.

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